Ha Jung Woo Denies The Allegation of Illegal Propofol Use But Negative Public Opinion Remains

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Actor Ha Jung Woo made his official statement on the alleged illegal propofol injections. However, as the public reaction remains negative, the film industry is on edge.

On the 13th, SBS 8 News reported that more than 10 people, including a famous male actor, were on the investigation for alleged illegal drug uses of propofol. According to the reports, they are suspected of habitually usages of propofol for non-medical purposes at a plastic surgery clinic in southern Seoul for years. Two days later, Channel A News reported that the actor has been taking propofol under his brother’s name and added that the number of the injections over the years is known to be at least 10 times to as many as dozens.

Meanwhile, the story of actor Ha Jung Woo being the suspected actor began to spread rapidly. Starting with Garo Sero Institute, a YouTube channel run by Lawyer Kang Yong Suk, the media outlet LawTalk News confirmed that Ha Jung Woo is the suspected actor under investigation. The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office is said to be investigating the circumstances in which Ha Jung Woo (real name Kim Sung Hoon) received propofol multiple times at a plastic surgery clinic.

Credit: CJ ENM

On Feb. 18, the actor broke his silence and issued an official statement. In it, he wrote that he got introduced to the clinic when he had concerns about the scar on his face and propofol was prescribed for therapeutic purposes only. Regarding the allegation that he used his brother’s name instead, the actor explained that he was told to put on masks every time and was requested to bring in the information about the head of the company, his brother, and his manager. He added how he “vaguely thought the info was needed as a privacy protection” and delivered it without any doubt. He continued, “Even though the info was requested by the hospital and the doctor, I do regret giving such personal info without giving a second thought.”

“Fortunately, every process made for the treatments still remains in the text history. Theses details will clearly confirm the fact about my hospital visits and purposes,” he said, stressing that he would cooperate any time with the investigation.

Credit: CJ ENM

Even with his official statement, netizens are reacting in two opposite opinions. Some disappointed people are saying that the reason he made his position after the allegations is because “he took time making excuses.” Some are also saying that they can’t believe doctor would ask such info and even if that is true, the fact that he just gave that info is highly improbable. But on the other hand, some are saying that the fact that the actor had text history that would exonerate him could have made him be more cautious and check all the facts first.

Meanwhile, the film industry is on alert. Ha Jung Woo, who is currently meeting audiences with his movie, The Closet, recently finished filming the movie Boston 1947. He is also scheduled to appear in a movie called The Kidnapping and a drama titled Suriname. Film industry insiders are waiting to see how things proceed for a little longer, but since the investigation was officially announced, it is going to be hard to avoid embarrassing situation. “We haven’t heard any changes in the schedules yet,” Boston 1947 official stated on Feb. 19.

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  • Apparently the Korean authorities are trying to ruin one of South Korea’s “cash cows”. Ha Jung Woo has starred in, directed, and co-produced a number of Korean highly commercially successful movies that have brought the South Korea industry billions of dollars, from both foreign and domestic audiences. What he’s accused of is common all over the South Korean plastic surgery and entertainment industry. So what I’d like to know is why the police is singling him out. Is doesn’t sound like he’s the only celebrity who was a client of this plastic surgeon, and celebrities as well as politicians, and other wealthy people often use a fake name when having plastic surgery procedures done, so why only go after Ha Jung Woo?

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