Real Estate Success Stories: Lee Na Young, Suzy, and Park Myung Soo

suzy net worth

Lee Na Young and Won Bin couple profited 15 billion won (about $12.6 million), Suzy gained 7 billion won (about $5.9 million), and Park Myung Soo and Han Su Min couple earned 10 billion won (about $8.4 million) through their real estate investments.

lee na young and won bin
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According to the real estate industry on the 29th, Won Bin and Lee Na Young purchased a 5-story building in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, in 2018 for 14.5 billion won (about $12.2 million). Five years later, in 2023, the real estate industry estimates that the couple’s building can fetch at least 30 billion won (about $25.2 million), resulting in a minimum of 15 billion won (about $12.6 million) in market price gains.

The couple also owns another building in Seongsu-dong, Seoul. Won Bin bought a 4-story building in Seongsu-dong in 2015 for 2.1 billion won (about $1.8 million).

suzy net worth

Suzy is also a real estate investment genius. According to tvN’s Free Doctor, Suzy bought a small building in Samseong-dong, Seoul, for 3.7 billion won (about $3.1 million) when she was 23 years old in 2016. Suzy paid the amount with 2 billion won (about $1.7 million) in cash and a 1.7 billion won (about $1.4 million) loan, and it is known that she receives a monthly rent of 15 million won (about $12,600). The broadcast predicted that the building’s current asking price would be around 8 billion won (about $6.7 million).

In 2017, Suzy bought a luxury villa in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, for 3.09 billion won (about $2.6 million). The current market price is estimated to be around 5.8 billion won (about $4.9 million).

Over the course of seven years and two real estate investments, Suzy has gained a total of 7 billion won (about $5.9 million) in market price gains, with the value of her real estate increasing by 1 billion won (about $840,000) each year.

park myung soo wife

Park Myung Soo and Han Su Min couple cannot be left out. tvN’s Free Doctor introduced Han Su Min’s real estate investment utilizing a coffee franchise. In October 2011, Park Myung Soo’s wife Han Su Min purchased a 4-story building for 2.9 billion won (about $2.4 million). She increased the rental yield by bringing a famous coffee shop franchise to the building. In 2014, Han Su Min sold the building for 4.66 billion won (about $3.9 million).

Later, in December 2014, Han Su Min purchased a building and land in Bangbae-dong, Seoul, for 8.9 billion won (about $7.5 million). She demolished the old building there, constructed a new 5-story building, and again brought in a famous coffee shop, raising the building’s market price. Using the same investment method, Han Su Min sold this Bangbae-dong building in 2020 for 17.35 billion won (about $14.6 million), five years later.


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