Koo Hye Sun Says She’s Currently Planning a New Film

Six months after her latest album, Koo Hye Sun will drop her 4th piano new-age album Breath 4 today. Breath 4 reinterprets Koo’s previous releases in an orchestral version and consists of 8 songs, including the title track “Happy.”

Through her label MIMI Entertainment, Koo Hye Sun delivered stories of her new album.

Credit: Koo Hye Sun Instagram

Q1. Please introduce your new album ‘Breath 4’.

Breath 4 is the fourth album by Koo Hye Sun of the New-Age “Breath” series. It’s made under the theme of “life and death” and reinterprets my previous songs in an orchestral version. If the earlier version showcases lyrical pastel tone, the new version gives off a strong color like black.


Q2. Reason why you reinterpreted existing songs.

My K-pop songs were originally intended to be made into New-Age songs. But I added lyrics to popularize them at the time but returned them to the original state and reinterpreted them to express who I am right now.


Q3. What motivation do you have to keep on writing songs?

Music is influenced by emotions. The will to start a new life again and continue living so that I can somehow get the complex emotions and thoughts that arise from them out of my head seems to be the driving force. If these ups and downs stabilize someday, I might stop my work.


Q4. Why did you choose “Happy” as your title track? And please introduce the track.

“Happy” has many meanings. Previously, the thought of “am I happy” meant to blame myself for the past with a question, “would I have been happy if I hadn’t told you I loved you then?” But questions about “am I happy” now came after my dog Soondae died. You know, like, “was he happy when he was with me?” or “when was he the happiest?” Oh, and I chose that as my title track because it had the best quality.

Credit: MIMI Entertainment

Q5. What emotions in the album do you want people to sympathize with?

What I felt after saying goodbye to my beloved family and pet was “Death is another beginning, so let’s forgive death.” Since death is a continuation of life, I wanted to break down the boundaries between life and death and make peace. I hope those who have suffered the same pain as me will reconcile and forgive the boundaries through this music and take a rest.


Q6. Many fans are waiting for actress Koo Hye Sun.

I am preparing for a new film right now, and I might act it in. I don’t know which will be prioritized, but I do wish to greet them again through dramas or movies.


Q7. What are your future plans?

For eight days from March 20, I am planning a video exhibition that combines my new-age songs and Seo Taiji’s lyrics at the Seoul Arts Center. So I will be greeting people with an exhibition first.

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