‘King the Land’ Audience Reactions: ‘Insanely Gorgeous’, ‘The Rom-Com We All Needed’

Credit: JTBC

>> Lee Junho and YoonA Promises Sweet Laughter in ‘King the Land’

JTBC’s weekend drama King the Land kicked off to a great start in its first week of release.


According to Nielsen Korea, the drama’s second episode garnered an average nationwide viewership rating of 7.5 percent, marking a significant increase from the previous episode’s 5.1 percent.

The first episode of the drama treated viewers to a hilarious encounter between Cheon Sarang (played by Yoona) and Gu Won (Junho) as she mistook him for a perverted customer.

Continuing the delightful momentum, the second episode took an exciting turn as Cheon Sarang and Gu Won teamed up for a promotional video for King Hotel. Despite them clearing up the initial misunderstanding, a subtle tension lingered between them. However, Gu Won found himself quietly helping Sarang tackle challenging customers.

Later in the episode, Chairman Koo Il Hoon (Son Byung Ho) directed the duo to do a live interview on Jeju Island. The change of location became an opportunity to break down the walls between the two, and he couldn’t help but be captivated by Cheon Sarang looking all new in her gorgeous business casual outfits. Likewise, Cheon Sarang blushed upon seeing Gu Won, impeccably dressed for the live interview.

Here are some of the enthusiastic reactions from viewers who tuned in to episodes 1 and 2 of King the Land:

“I’m fascinated. Can you feel the old kdrama spirit too?”

“Great actor and actress, great view, great cinematography and, great OST. I super love everything about this scene! I cannot wait to get to know more about Gu Won and Cheon Sarang and see them become each other’s comfort waahh.”

“The way Sarang and Noh Sangsik just leave Gu Won to die lmao.”

Junho acted the subtle post traumatic scene so well. I think he controlled it here but we should be ready Gu Won might not be able to control it always. The smiles definitely look scary from his POV.”

“Gu Won’s entrance is just so unfair for my heart. Just how many times will junho make me fall hard for him?!


Sarang’s flexing her language skills English, Chinese & Japanese!! ‘Happy hours are from 3-5PM and please feel free to have complimentary snacks and drinks at the hotel lounge.'”

“The entire crew deserves a fucking raise in their pay. Nah but just look at those outfits, the locations, the camera angles, the beautiful ost and THEM. Insanely gorgeous!”

I REALLY LIKED EPISODE 2. Now I can finally say with my heart I’m liking King The Land. THIS IS THE ROM-COM I WANTED THANK YOU JUNHO & YOONA!”

The way he was grappling with his tears is really tugging at my heartstrings, Lee Junho the actor that you are!

“Junho is so handsome and dreamy. I’m in love all over again.”

“These are the part that I can fully understand without any subs – universal language. Applauding the production team for providing many gorgeous slow-mo of Guwon.”

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