‘Phantom’: Park So Dam and Lee Ha Nee on Returning to the Big Screen, Beating Cancer and More

park so dam new movie
park so dam new movie
Credit: ZAPZEE

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Lee Ha Nee and Park So Dam shared their thoughts on returning to the big screen through their upcoming movie Phantom.

The film’s press conference was held on December 19th with Sol Kyung Gu, Lee Ha Nee, Park So Dam, Park Hae SooSeo Hyun Woo and director Lee Hae Young in attendance.

Set in Gyeongseong in 1933, Phantom follows a group of people locked in a secluded hotel. Each of them is suspected of being a spy known as the “Phantom,” planted by the independence army to collect intel deep inside the Government-General of Chōsen.

Lee Ha Nee shared, “I chose to star in this movie because it is a good period movie and a perfect thriller film,” describing the film as a tight suspense thriller that will make us sit on the edge of our seats.

She also talked about what it was like working with her co-stars: Sol Kyung Gu, Park Hae Soo, Park So Dam, and Seo Hyun Woo. “Working with them was indeed worth investing my time and effort. I already watched the film’s final edit at one of the early premieres. I felt like director Lee did everything he ever wanted in this movie. He created a great piece of historical thriller,” she said.

park so dam new movie
Credit: ZAPZEE

Following her interview, Park So Dam shared that she was a little embarrassed after the table read as she had to yell at many while playing her character. Lee Ha Nee didn’t miss the chance and said, “She shouts at all of us in the film,” jokingly, and Park So Dam shyly responded, “So sorry for doing that despite being the youngest and the smallest of the cast.” After a round of laughter, Lee Ha Nee praised the actress, saying, “Even though she is a young actress, she radiates strength and resilience when she gets in front of the camera. Nobody but Park So Dam could have played the role Yuriko as she does in the film.”

Lee Ha Nee, who recently gave birth to her baby girl, and Park So Dam, who recently beat cancer, will both be making their movie comebacks through the upcoming film. Park So Dam shared, “I am sorry that I made you all worried. I always say, ‘Let’s stay mentally and physically healthy’, to my fans, but I think I am the one who couldn’t keep the promise.”

She continued, “Around this time of last year, I was in my hospital bed, not being able to speak. But I feel like having gotten much better over the past year.” Park Hae Soo replied, “It’s nice to see her back in good health.”

Lee Ha Nee welcomed her baby daughter to the world in June. When asked what it felt like to become a mother, she said, “It’s like I am pretending to be an actress all of a sudden. I am like, ‘Is it okay for me to be doing this?’” The actress added, “It took three years for Phantom to finally be released. I put my heart and soul into this movie, and I feel like a new woman and actress.”

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