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    [PICK] Films that Flaunt Stellar Ensembles

    Edited by Hong Hyun Jung Translated by Kim Hoyeun It’s been a while since the star-packed roster became a new trend in Korean cinema. Unlike how one or two stars led the plot, now, several actors imprint their individualities and fill the play more richly and colorfully. From the audiences’ point of view, we can […] More

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    [PICK] Films that Zeroed in on Holiday Box Office But Failed

    Edited by Hong Hyun Jung Translated by Kim Hoyeun This year, theaters faced an unprecedented crisis due to the COVID-10 pandemic, but still, the Chuseok holiday (Korean Thanksgiving holidays) is considered the peak season along with summer vacation and winter vacation. During these times, big-time distributors like CJ, Lotte, and Showbox release their tent-pole films […] More

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    [PICK] Best Long Takes in the Korean Film History

    Edited by Hwang Hong Sun Translated by Kim Hoyeun A long take, a shot lasting much longer than the conventional editing pace, requires everything to be perfect, including actors’ acting and camera movements. Which Korean movies left the audiences in awe with their impressive long takes? From famous works you will instantly recognize to works […] More