‘The Moon’ First Review: ‘Mind-Blowing’, ‘Do Kyung Soo’s Acting Leaves No Room for Criticism’

the moon korean movie review
the moon korean movie review
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Yesterday, a press screening of the highly-anticipated movie The Moon took place at Yongsan CGV theater.

Following the screening, Sol Kyung Gu, Do Kyung Soo, Kim Hee Ae and director Kim Yong Hwa talked about the filming experience.

The Moon is a gripping tale that portrays the struggle between astronaut Sun Woo, who is stranded alone on the Moon due to an accident, and Jae Suk, the former head of the space center, who desperately tries to rescue him.

the moon korean movie review
Credit: ZAPZEE

The film garnered positive acclaim for its masterful execution of visual effects, particularly in depicting the lunar surface and outer space. During the interview, Do Kyung Soo revealed the challenges faced while shooting. He explained, “Coordinating those action scenes with 5 to 6 wires was tough, but the staff’s guidance was spot-on. The realistic set and spacesuits helped me get fully into my role.”

Sol Kyung Gu, who plays a crucial role in the rescue mission, stressed the significance of portraying genuine emotions. He explained, “The film focuses on Do Kyung Soo’s mission on the Moon. So I knew my reactions had to be on point. To make everything feel real and authentic, I made sure to sync up my emotions with his. It was all about creating that genuine connection between us on screen.”

Kim Hee Ae portrays the role of NASA’s main director of the manned lunar orbiter in the film. In the interview, she talked about facing the additional challenge of delivering numerous lines in English. She shared her initial concerns about expressing such a crucial character in a foreign language. However, her dedication paid off, as her emotions naturally shone through during filming.

Adding to the film’s intrigue, announcer Park Yoo Ra, Chanyeol‘s sister, made a cameo in The Moon. The director expressed gratitude for her participation, and her presence further deepened the connection between Kyung Soo and Chan Yeol.

Take a look at some of the reactions from the journalists after the press screening:

NEWSEN: The Moon takes Korean cinema to thrilling new heights, offering an electrifying and unparalleled experience. With real NASA materials and advice from esteemed national research institutions, this film rocks as hard as any Hollywood blockbuster. While the idea of Korea achieving the world’s second manned lunar exploration may seem unrealistic, the film’s technical brilliance is undeniably impressive.

Sports Korea: The Moon masterfully combines classic sci-fic elements with deeper themes, all thanks to director Kim Yong Hwa’s compassionate take on humanity. Unlike many other Sci-fi films that rely on special effects, this movie touches upon the value of the messages it carries. It explores the importance of exploring the unknown and helping others with genuine kindness, while emphasizing the powerful theme that ‘even in the toughest times, people have the power to choose kindness.’

Kyung Hyang: The film is filled with complex aerospace terminology, which may make it challenging to catch all the dialogue. Nonetheless, there are definite highlights to appreciate, particularly in Do Kyung Soo’s remarkable performance. He nailed his part, showing great acting skills and fearlessness in intense action scenes as Sun Woo faces a disaster. With scenes of rolling, colliding, and struggling, the film delivers an abundance of visual spectacle against the backdrop of space.

SPOTV News: Do Kyung Soo, Sol Kyung Gu, and Kim Hee Ae deliver outstanding performances, leaving no room for criticism. Even the brief appearances of Lee Sung Min and Kim Rae Won add to the movie’s appeal. The film’s portrayal of his experiences deeply connects the audience to the story, making it even more captivating. Thanks to this, viewers can feel the thrill alongside Sun Woo as he steers the lunar rover, dodges meteor showers, rolls inside the spacecraft, experiences breathlessness, endures the intense launch pressure, and feels the exhilaration of freefall. This film is unlike anything previously shown in Korean theaters.

Kuki News: The Moon takes cinematic spectacle to a whole new level with its cutting-edge graphic technology. You’ll feel fully immersed in this space survival drama as it combines 4K Dolby Cinema audio and state-of-the-art visual effects. While some might crave a tighter narrative, fans of the director’s previous work, like Along with the Gods series, will likely appreciate the themes of forgiveness, redemption, and consolation in The Moon.

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