Disney Plus Unveils Main Poster and Trailer for ‘Uncle Samsik’ Starring Song Kang Ho, Byun Yo Han and More

Uncle Samsik
Uncle Samsik
Credit: Disney Plus

Disney Plus original series Uncle Samsik has unveiled its main poster and trailer.

Uncle Samsik weaves the narrative of a man nicknamed “Uncle Samsik” for his insistence on feeding three meals a day even during the war, and an elite young man named Kim San aspires to create a prosperous country where everyone is well-fed.

The main poster depicts the two men at the center of all the plans, with the characters intertwined like puzzle pieces. The caption “Everyone had different dreams in a time of chaos” adds to the anticipation of how these two will collide.

The main trailer begins with Uncle Samsik (played by Song Kang Ho) asking the elite young man Kim San (Byun Yo Han) about the “principles of the world.” Kim San, who dreams of a country where everyone eats well and lives well, works hard for a prosperous nation, but gradually becomes weary of the harsh reality. That’s when Samsik approaches him with, “We share the same dream,” and sets a grand plan in motion. However, their dream faces immediate challenges. The people around them, entangled in their own agendas, create a heavy sense of tension. Congressman Kang Seong Min (Lee Kyuhyung), who has relied on Samsik for difficult tasks, starts questioning his loyalty with a wary, “Are you hiding something?” Kim San’s lover, Joo Yeo Jin (Jin Ki Joo) also warns San to stay away from Samsik. But amidst the doubt, Samsik’s enigmatic smile and cryptic words, “I have a talent. I always get what I want,” leave us wondering if his grand dream will survive.

>> Song Kang Ho’s Series Debut ‘Uncle Samsik’ Set to Premiere on Disney Plus This May

Uncle Samsik, the Disney Plus original series starring Song Kang Ho will release 5 episodes on Wednesday, May 15th. Two episodes will be released each week thereafter, and the last three episodes will be released in the final week, for a total of 16 episodes.

Source: Disney Plus

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