Song Kang Ho’s Series Debut ‘Uncle Samsik’ Set to Premiere on Disney Plus This May

uncle samsik disney+
uncle samsik disney+
Credit: Disney Plus

Disney Plus has announced the premiere of Uncle Samsik, the first-ever series to feature acclaimed actor Song Kang Ho, revealing the rich tapestry of 1960s Korea on May 15th.

The 16-part series Uncle Samsik weaves the narrative of Park Du Chil, nicknamed “Uncle Samsik” for his insistence on feeding three meals a day even during the war, and Kim San, an elite young man aspiring to create a prosperous country where everyone is well-fed. Transforming into the beloved Uncle Samsik is Song Kang Ho, with Byun Yohan portraying Kim San, an elite graduate from the Military Academy who embarks on a national reconstruction project.

The opening poster features Song Kang Ho warmly smiling while holding snacks in one hand and dried fish in the other, accompanied by the phrase, “A full stomach opens the heart.”

uncle samsik disney+
Credit: Disney Plus

A 40-second trailer showcases various characters calling out “Uncle Samsik”, followed by a narration explaining how he earned the nickname. Song Kang Ho’s character joyfully says, “I really like it, my nickname,” capturing his infectious smile.

Uncle Samsik is directed and written by Shin Yeon Shick, known for his screenplay work on Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet (2016) and Cobweb (2023), as well as writing and directing Rough Play (2013) and Like a French Film (2016).

Source: Disney Plus

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