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Edited by Hong Hyun Jung
Translated Yu Jin Kim

Frankly Speaking (5/1)

JTBC’s Wednesday-Thursday dramas, which were on a hiatus following the conclusion of Queen of Divorce, will be returning with a new drama. Go Kyung Pyo and Kang Han Na is set to star in a rom-com titled, Frankly Speaking. Like Honest Candidate, the show tells the story of an individual who finds herself unable to lie after an unexpected accident. Go Kyung Pyo will play the announcer who can’t lie, raising expectations on his one-man show since the release of its teaser. The drama will be available on Netflix.

The Atypical Family (5/4)

Jang Ki Yong is making a small-screen comeback with a unique fantasy-romance drama titled The Atypical Family. The drama follows the story of a man who meets the woman of his destiny after losing his supernatural abilities due to depression. Jang Ki Yong will star as Bok Gwi Joo, a man who used to travel through time but has lost his power. He meets Do Da Hae, played by Chun Woo Hee, a woman drawn to a family with a history of superpowers.

>> Jang Ki Yong Stars as Time-Traveler Battling Depression in ‘The Atypical Family’

The Midnight Romance in Hagwon (5/7)


Wi Ha Jun is finally taking center stage after years of playing the supportive best friend in love. He’ll be starring opposite Jung Ryeo Won in The Midnight Romance in Hagwon, an age-gap love story about a seasoned academy instructor who encounters a former student returning as a rookie teacher a decade later. This exciting project comes from director Ahn Pan Seok, known for his heartwarming melodramas like Something in the Rain and One Spring Night. With his past successes, all eyes are on Wi Ha Jun’s transformation into the leading man of this refreshing romance. The series will be available on Netflix.

Crash (5/13)

Lee Min Ki is back in his detective shoes. This time, he takes on the role of a brilliant traffic detective in Crash, the follow-up drama to The Midnight Studio. Directed by Park Jun Woo, the mastermind behind the action-packed revenge series Taxi Driver, Crash follows an elite traffic crime investigation team tackling road-based crimes like insurance fraud, hit-and-runs and vigilante driving. The drama will be available on Disney Plus.

Dare to Love Me (5/13)


Dare to Love Me dives into a unique love story between a young heir and a jaded designer. Kim Myung Soo, also known as L, takes on the role of Shin Yoon Bok, an MZ generation scholar brimming with wisdom. Opposite him is Lee Yoo Young as Kim Hong Do, a woman weary of her current life. Together, they’ll ignite a heartwarming romantic chemistry.

Uncle Samsik (5/15)

Song Kang Ho is diving into the world of television for the first time with the Disney Plus series Uncle Samsik. This historical drama follows the heartwarming story of Samsik, a man dedicated to providing three meals a day even during wartime, and Kim San, an ambitious young man who dreams of creating a nation where everyone can eat well and live a good life. Together, they navigate a turbulent era as they strive to achieve their shared vision. The trend of veteran Korean film actors like Choi Min Sik and Sol Kyung Gu entering the streaming platform scene has been gaining momentum. With such a stellar cast and captivating premise, anticipation is soaring for Song Kang Ho’s highly anticipated series debut.

The 8 Show (5/17)

Ryu Jun Yeol is set to make his acting comeback in the upcoming thriller series The 8 Show. This marks the directorial debut of Han Jae Rim, known for his work on The Admiral: Roaring. The series centers around eight strangers trapped in a mysterious venue. Forced to participate in a high-stakes game where time equals money, their fight for survival unfolds. The premise of confined individuals playing a deadly game for a cash prize evokes comparisons to Squid Game. However, viewers are eager to see if The 8 Show can carve its own path and deliver a unique and captivating experience.

Bitter Sweet Hell (5/24)

Kim Hee Seon brings her comedic brilliance to the screen in the new dark comedy series Bitter Sweet Hell. She plays a renowned consultant who teams up with her equally sharp-witted mother-in-law, who also happens to be a mystery novelist, to unravel the identity of a mysterious blackmailer threatening her career and family. Adding to the star power is DKZ’s Jaechan, fresh off his breakout role in Semantic Error, making his TV drama debut as Kim Hee Sun’s son. All eyes are on MBC to see if they can maintain their winning streak in Friday-Saturday dramas against SBS, following their triumph with My Dearest last year.

Connection (5/24)

Can Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do revive SBS Dramas with Connect? The suspenseful drama aims to put SBS dramas back on the map. It tells the gripping story of a narcotics detective struggling with a drug addiction. As he investigates the death of a friend, he uncovers a web of hidden secrets. Ji Sung takes on the complex role of the detective, while Jeon Mi Do portrays a determined reporter.

Dreaming of Cinde Fxxxing Rella (5/31)

Set to premiere on May 31st, the series stars Pyo Ye Jin and Lee Jun Young in a romantic comedy that reinvents the Cinderella story for the 21st century.


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