Ryu Jun Yeol’s ‘The 8 Show’ Gets a Trailer and May Release Date on Netflix

the 8 show kdrama
the 8 show kdrama
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has confirmed the premiere of The 8 Show for May 17th, unveiling both the launch poster and trailer for its eagerly anticipated series. Directed by Han Jae Rim, known for his work on The King and The Face Reader, this marks his first foray into a Netflix series. The star-studded cast includes Ryu Jun Yeol, Chun Woo Hee, Park Jung Min, Lee Yul Eum, Park Hae Jun, Lee Joo Young, Moon Jeong Hee, and Bae Seong Woo, promising a compelling watch.

The 8 Show tells the tantalizing yet dangerous tale of eight individuals trapped in a secretive eight-story building. Here, they participate in a show where “time equals money,” a concept that is as alluring as it is risky.

The launch poster captures the participants against the backdrop of red curtains, bathed in the spotlight, exuding a mix of excitement and caution. Their varied attire, from shirts and dresses to suits, and the tagline “Irresistible but brutal show begins” succinctly encapsulates the essence of the drama.

the 8 show kdrama
Credit: Netflix

The trailer kicks off with the narration: “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your patience,” as Ryu Jun Yeol steps through the door. The eight participants, guaranteed high earnings and provided with food and accommodation, need only bring their “time” to participate in “The 8 Show.” Inside the enigmatic space divided into eight levels, they will navigate through cooperation, opposition, and betrayal, experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions.

Adapted from Bae Jin Soo’s hit Naver webtoons “Money Game” and “Pie Game,” which garnered a combined 300 million views, Director Han Jae Rim has skillfully reimagined these stories with his polished direction and solid storytelling, making The 8 Show a highly anticipated addition to Netflix’s lineup.

Source: Netflix

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