How Did Kim Ji Won Become So Gorgeously Beautiful in ‘Queen of Tears’?

Kim Ji Won style in Queen of Tears
Kim Ji Won style in Queen of Tears
Credit: tvN

From Descendants of the Sun to Fight My Way and My Liberation Notes, Kim Ji Won‘s constantly reinvented herself with incredible characters. Now, in Queen of Tears, she’s turning heads with her most stunning look yet. Let’s explore what makes her shine so brightly in this new role.

Perfect Chaebol Style
Kim Ji Won style in Queen of Tears
Credit: JTBC, tvN

Kim Ji Won is reaching a career-high with her role in Queen of Tears. Her character in the series, Hong Hae In, is a total departure from the relatable office worker Yeom Mi Jung she portrayed in her other drama My Liberation Notes. In Queen of Tears, she undergoes a complete transformation into a powerful and confident woman who exudes a luxurious style. She effortlessly carries off flashy clothes and accessories, and it’s no wonder fans are saying “Kim Ji Won’s ‘personal color’ is chaebol.” Known for her sweet charm in projects like Fight My Way, Kim Ji Won is showcasing a whole new side of herself in Queen of Tears with her elegant and chic presence.

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From Straight Eyebrows to Arched Eyebrows
Kim Ji Won style in Queen of Tears
Credit: Kim Ji Won’s Instagram, tvN

The biggest change in Kim Ji Won’s makeup is her eyebrows. They’ve gone from thick and dark to thin and lightly arched. Eyebrows can completely change the impression depending on their shape and color. Her previous eyebrows emphasized her round and large eyes, making her look somewhat strong. Now, with the softer brows, the focus shifts to her clear eyes, creating a more sophisticated impression. This change not only elevates her overall look but also brings her closer visually to the character of Hong Hae In.

Slimmed Down Jawline
Kim Ji Won style in Queen of Tears
Credit: JTBC, tvN

Hong Hae In in Queen of Tears rocks a stunning wardrobe throughout the drama. Kim Ji Won recently revealed that she committed to a year-long diet to fully embody the character. This dedication might explain the subtle shift in her face shape – her jawline appears sharper and more defined compared to her previously softer features.

Hong Hae In and Kim Ji Won’s Personal Colors Match
Kim Ji Won style in Queen of Tears
Credit: tvN

Kim Ji Won’s personal color is ‘summer mute’. Her features are clearly defined in cool colors rather than warm colors. Summer mute is a color that gives off a feeling of calmness, neatness and luxuriousness. In that sense, it also goes well with the character of Hong Hae In in the drama. Kim Ji Won mainly shows off gray and blue fashion in Queen of Tears. The calm and elegant colors further highlight Hong Hae In’s refined beauty.

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  • You people need to get a life, she is a very actor, naturally beautiful and doesn’t need to be dissected just to provide fodder for your entertainment site.

  • Stunningly gorgeous. If she take 1 year to watch her diet and abstained from her favourite Chinese food, thats goes to show she takes her work seriously.

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