See Why Fans Call ‘Goodbye Earth’ A Refreshing Thriller That Is Worth The Binge

Goodbye Earth
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Whether you’ve had your full of romantic dramas like Queen of Tears or Lovely Runner or are simply in need of something new, Goodbye Earth is quite a refreshing K-Drama that is delivering a more thought-provoking storyline compared to the aforementioned.

Based on the Japanese writer Kōtarō Isaka’s novel The Fool at the End of the World (Shūmatsu no Fūru), this sci-fic dystopian series written by Jung Sung Joo and starring celebrity actors like Yoo Ah In, Ahn Eun Jin and Jeon Sung Woo, really dives into the darker side of reality. From its intense action scenes that leave you sitting on the edge of your seat from the very beginning to the heart-racing, anxiety-driven cliffhangers – all of these elements make it worth the watch.

Fortunately, all 12 episodes were dropped at once on April 26th so no need to be on edge wondering what happens next! We needed a story to binge and Goodbye Earth satisfied that need. Check out the trailer below!

The original novel is a collection of stories about people making sense of the end of the world a few years before an asteroid destroys it. However, the show follows Jin Se Kyung and her tragic story. Despite the trauma she suffered from the events of an asteroid coming and putting an end to all life on Earth, Se Kyung keeps her promise of protecting her loved ones as she plots to hunt down her perpetrators and anyone else who gets in her way.

The storyline, however, does still freely and frequently portrays various storylines from other characters’ perspectives while touching base on the idea of how certain people, communities and social classes would react to the end of not only the world but modern society as we know it. Children become more self-reliant. Political leaders and religious leaders form their alliances. Villains and criminals seem to rise on top as cult leaders can be seen causing mischief and unexpected characters pop up now and again to stir up the drama. All of these aspects create an interesting storyline similar to The Walking Dead without the zombies – mankind are simply their own enemy before the asteroid hits in 200 days.

Viewers sit in anticipation as the countdown to an inevitable doom slowly begins. All while in the back of our heads we ponder what would happen to ourselves in such a drastic situation? A constant question that pops up time and time again as the story progresses. Perhaps this unique tension alone is what helped the show dominate the charts?

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People fear the selection- a system that dictates who can survive and who will find refuge from the asteroid landing. On the day of evacuation, many people’s fears become a reality and pandemonium ensues as the harsh grim realities of their final days set in. Se Kyung’s journey takes place alongside her church group led by Father Baek and a military group that interferes in order to bring order amongst the chaos leaving citizens in a chokehold.

Se Kyung soon becomes embroiled in a dark mission that has her questioning her faith as she unearths more disturbing details of Father Baeks’s past and his activities while she also discovers a mysterious training facility and learns more about what secrets lie behind the face of the military and the walls of this ominous building. However, despite the dark twisted turns of fate, the show isn’t afraid to turn the lens on romance and even highlights Se Kyung’s personal life. In the story, she is actually lesbian and the bit of LGBTQIA representation is not only welcomed but has also become quite the talk of the town on Twitter. Especially with the rise of BL content at a constant, it is refreshing to see a leading woman as a lesbian taking center stage and highlighting a different romance.

Throughout it all, Se Kyung maintains her unbridled strength both mentally and emotionally and carries out her mission to protect the children at all cost.

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Overall, Goodbye Earth has been deemed quite the refreshing thriller, which in my opinion, the Korean entertainment scene hasn’t seen since Sweet Home 2. Despite his drug charges tarnishing his reputation, Yoo Ah In’s acting is still transcending and he is a welcomed face among the cast by international fans. The characters were well-casted and even young children played their roles quite well and definitely painted a picture of how the world coming to an end can devastate everyone no matter their age or social standing.

For some, the story may be too intense if you’re more interested in slice-of-life romance drama. However, Goodbye Earth is a drama that offers a lot to unravel and is a quality rendition of a beautiful story again written by a famous Japanese author. It is nice to see Korean entertainment making adaptions of other countries’ art that we may not have necessarily seen if it were not for the intense popularity surrounding Korean content as of late. Still, one thing fans felt annoyed by was the fact that the asteroid itself is a never-ending looming threat but doesn’t actually come into play. The open-ended ending left some viewers who crave an exact answer for closure unsatisfied. It makes sense too, since the asteroid is the center of chaos throughout the series one would expect it to land at any given moment. If you still can’t decide if Goodbye Earth is worth the watch, see what fans are saying on Twitter.

Again, if you’re looking for a thrill and want to enjoy a good-long binge-worthy drama, then Goodbye Earth is exactly that. A stellar drama with a very suspenseful storyline that makes for a great midnight popcorn-eating moment.

If you already seen the drama, what do you think of it so far? If not, do you plan on enjoying seeing Yoo Ah In on screen again? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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