‘Burning Sun’ Documentary Reignites Fury Over Light Sentence for Seungri and Jung Joon Young

burning sun documentary
burning sun documentary
Credit: BBC

Global K-pop fans are expressing shock and outrage after watching a BBC documentary on the 2019 “Burning Sun Gate” scandal, which aired on the 19th. The hour-long documentary delves into the dark side of the K-pop industry.

The BBC released the documentary in multiple languages, including Korean, English, and Chinese, prompting widespread international reactions. Viewers across the globe were appalled by the light sentences handed down to the involved celebrities. One viewer commented, “It’s shocking that they still have fans despite their disgusting actions,” while another said, “South Korea seriously needs to reevaluate its legal system.”

Singer Jung Joon Young was sentenced to five years in prison, former FT Island member Choi Jong Hoon received two and a half years, and Seungri was sentenced to one and a half years. Viewers reacted with disbelief and anger, with comments such as, “I watched the documentary with a heavy heart. How can such lenient sentences be considered justice? The world is going crazy.”

Others were particularly shocked to learn of the short prison terms, considering the gravity of the crimes, which included rape, solicitation of prostitution, illegal drug use, and illegal filming. Comments included, “It’s unbelievable that they received only a few months in prison for such serious offenses,” with some noting, “They’re already out of prison.”

One viewer criticized the idol culture, saying, “The concept of K-pop idols is flawed. Elevating ordinary people to ‘idol’ status has led to these situations.” In China, reactions were equally intense. A Chinese viewer remarked, “It’s appalling that some people still mock the victims, saying they brought it upon themselves.”

The documentary’s reexamination of the Burning Sun scandal also reignited criticism of the police officers allegedly involved with the entertainment industry. News that the officer referred to as the “Police Chief” in the scandal is currently working at the Songpa Police Station has led to calls for his dismissal. One community user even posted about filing a complaint with the inspection office, encouraging others to join in.

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