Burning Sun Scandal Revisited: Lee Chul Woo Denies Involvement, Hyuna Faces Backlash

Lee Chul Woo Still Clearing His Name in Jung Joon Young’s Chatroom Case
Lee Chul Woo burning sun
Credit: SM Entertainment

Lee Chul Woo is still working to clear his name in connection with the so-called Jung Joon Young chatroom. “I once again tell you that I was not part of Jung Joon Young’s chatroom,” he stated on May 20th.

Lee Chul Woo explained his involvement in a different chatroom, saying, “The chatroom I’m mentioned in was for a variety show back in 2016. It was simply used to share schedules and content needed for filming.” He expressed his frustration, adding, “These false rumors have been causing pain for me, my family and friends for years.”

Previously, his agency had to address rumors of his involvement in the “Burning Sun Gate” chatroom. They firmly stated, “Lee Chul Woo was not a member of the chatroom in question. He has never filmed or distributed illegal videos.” Unfortunately, recent reports about Jung Joon Young, Seungri, and the Burning Sun incident reignited the false accusations against Lee Chul Woo, forcing him to address them once again.

HyunA Faces Backlash Over Boyfriend’s Burning Sun Connection
Hyuna Yong Jun Hyung
Credit: HyunA and Yong Jun Hyung’s Instagram

HyunA‘s social media has been flooded with comments referencing the Burning Sun scandal following the release of a BBC News Korea documentary that sheds new light on the incident. Many of these comments are critical of Hyuna’s relationship with Yong Jun Hyung, who has been linked to the scandal.

“Have you watched the Burning Sun documentary?” one commenter asked. “There’s a documentary on YouTube with evidence of the Burning Sun scandal. Your boyfriend was involved in that incident.” Another commenter wrote, “Have you seen the new documentary about your boyfriend?”

The comments continued, with messages like “You should be ashamed,” “Dating a man involved in Burning Sun,” “Aren’t you embarrassed?” “Please open your eyes,” and “It’s really disappointing.”

However, there were also some comments defending HyunA, such as “It’s surprising that HyunA is still allowing comments. This is terrible harassment,” “Leave Hyuna alone,” and “Don’t be so rude.”

HyunA revealed in January that she was in a public relationship with Yong Jun Hyung. Yong Jun Hyung, a former member of the group B2ST, admitted in 2019 to watching illegal videos shared by Jung Joon Young in late 2015 and subsequently left the band.

>> K-pop Scandals Resurface: BBC Documentary on ‘Burning Sun’ and Jung Joon Young’s Chatroom Sparks Fury

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