Min Hee Jin Accused of Manipulating NewJeans Parents: Controversial Messages Revealed

min hee jin new jeans
min hee jin new jeans
Credit: ADOR

Min Hee Jin, CEO of ADOR, is under scrutiny following revelations that she may have influenced the parents of NewJeans members in drafting a protest letter. According to Chosun Biz on the 21st, text messages between Min and a deputy CEO, Lee, suggest that Min played a role in shaping the parents’ complaints.

The messages, dated March 30th, a day before the parents submitted their protest letter, show Min advising Lee, “We can use the fact that the (NewJeans) moms haven’t signed a contract with HYBE.” When Min asked if there were any clauses in the exclusive contract with HYBE, Lee responded, “There is no content related to HYBE. The contract is between ADOR and the artists.” Min then replied, “LOL Are there any other clauses we could contest?”

Additionally, Min asked, “Is it written from the moms’ perspective?” and commented, “We need to think about the tone of delivery.”

Furthermore, on March 20th, just two days before HYBE began auditing ADOR, Min texted, “The moms should report to the Fair Trade Commission. It’s not appropriate for the subsidiary to report,” adding, “It’s better if the moms do it. It shows innocence. If the subsidiary reports, they could be accused of fraudulent activity.”

These messages were among the materials sealed during the first court battle between HYBE and Min on the 17th. When HYBE’s legal representative, Kim & Chang, attempted to disclose the texts, Min’s representative from Law Firm Shin & Kim opposed, resulting in the materials remaining confidential.

Meanwhile, HYBE has called for an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting on the 31st to discuss the dismissal of Min and the current board, and the appointment of new directors from HYBE. The court’s decision on the injunction is expected before the shareholders’ meeting.

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