Kim Ji Won Reflects on ‘Queen of Tears’ as Series Concludes

Kim Ji Won Queen of Tears
Kim Ji Won Queen of Tears
Credit: High Zium Studio

Kim Ji Won has firmly established herself as the “queen of rom-com” with her recent role in the hit tvN weekend drama Queen of Tears, which concluded on April 28th amid immense popularity. The following morning, her agency, High Zium Studio, released a Q&A with the actress to ease the disappointment of the series finale.

Q: How do you feel about concluding ‘Queen of Tears’?

We filmed over the course of four seasons, and I felt a mix of nervousness and excitement each time an episode aired. Now that it’s over, it somehow feels all too brief, leaving a bittersweet sentiment. I sincerely thank everyone who enjoyed the drama and showed us so much love and attention.”

Q: What was it like receiving so much love from the viewers?

I’m truly grateful. Seeing the viewers’ reactions allowed me to enjoy the drama even more. It was great to ride the roller coaster of emotions with the audience.

Kim Ji Won Queen of Tears
Credit: High Zium Studio

Q: Any memorable reactions or comments from those around you?

Friends sent me playful threats, demanding to know if it’s a happy ending or a sad ending, or urging my character to reclaim her throne quickly, which were quite fun.

Q: What scene was most memorable for you?

I’d say the early part of episode 11. I typically monitor myself when watching broadcasts, but during that episode, I found myself crying along with it. It was the scene where Hong Hae In’s family learns of her illness. I remember crying so hard because of their acting.

Q: With your shoots in Germany, how did you approach portraying such a range of emotions?

We filmed scenes depicting both the sweet moments of newlyweds and the painful ones, like when Hong Hae In first sees Hyun Woo’s divorce papers. It was an intensive period that deeply connected me to Hong Hae In’s experiences. Although it wasn’t easy due to the emotional depth required, everyone on set, including the staff from Korea and Germany, worked hard to create the best scenes possible.

Kim Ji Won Queen of Tears
Credit: High Zium Studio

Q: How do you think the character Hong Hae In will be remembered by you and by the viewers?

She’s a four-leaf clover to me. The character didn’t dwell on frustrations for long; even when she struggles, she always tries to overcome and stays positive. So, I thought of her as “the embodiment of positivity.” Hae In has a lot of love but she was just awkward in expressing it. But as the story progressed, I tried to portray her trying harder to express her emotions. I hope that aspect had reached out to her and they remember her as someone warmer than expected.

Q: Any final words for Hong Hae In?

Hae In, you’ve done well! I hope only happy things fill your life ahead. Thanks to you, I’ve learned how to stand up smiling even in tough times. And now, I hope you can convey the warmth in your heart. Bye!

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