Netflix Series ‘The Whirlwind’ Gets June Release Date and New Trailer

the whirlwind kdrama
the whirlwind kdrama
Credit: Netflix

Netflix announced that its new original series The Whirlwind will premiere on June 28th. The platform also released two teaser posters and a trailer, hinting at a tense and gripping storyline.

The Whirlwind is a political drama that follows the sharp conflict between the Prime Minister (Sol Kyung Gu) who decides to assassinate the President to upend the system and the Deputy Prime Minister of Economy (Kim Hee Ae) who aims to stop him and seize power.

The posters exude tension, showing Prime Minister Park Dong Ho and Deputy Prime Minister Jung Soo Jin standing off against each other with the fallen President in the background.

the whirlwind kdrama
Credit: Netflix

The dynamic trailer opens with the President clutching his chest and collapsing, followed by Park Dong Ho’s shocking confession, “I assassinated the President.” The trailer then showcases Park Dong Ho’s relentless march to control the National Intelligence Service, prosecution, police, conglomerates, and public opinion. He states that he needs a month to “turn the world upside down.”

The series hints at a battle of evils. An official hinted, “Park Dong Ho commits the assassination to punish a greater evil. Jung Soo Jin seeks to stop him to gain more power. Neither can be called good.” They added, “The two characters clash without backing down. The political struggle surrounding the President’s assassination and the ensuing power play set the stage for relentless action.”

The Whirlwind marks writer Park Kyung Soo’s first work in seven years. He’s previously presented the “Power Trilogy”—The Chaser, Empire of Gold, and Punch. Directed by Kim Yong Wan, known for the movies Champion and The Cursed: Dead Man’s Prey, the series promises to deliver a unique and intense action style.

Meanwhile, The Whirlwind will be available on Netflix starting June 28th.

Source: Netflix

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