EXO’s Do Kyung Soo Finds Himself Stranded in Outer Space in New ‘The Moon’ Stills

Credit: CJ ENM

>> First Trailer Released for ‘The Moon’ Starring Do Kyung Soo, Kim Hee Ae and Sol Kyung Gu

The Moon has released new stills featuring Do Kyung Soo as he embarks on a daring mission to explore the vast and desolate space.

The captivating images showcase Do Kyung Soo as Seon Woo, the first Korean astronaut to set foot on the moon. Positioned 384,000 km away from Earth, he diligently carries out his mission on the lunar surface.

Soon, a thrilling turn of events unfolds as he finds himself sprinting across the lunar landscape, evading a sudden meteor shower descending from the heavens. As tension escalates, viewers are left wondering if he will successfully make it back to Woori Ho, his safe haven.

Credit: CJ ENM

Do Kyung Soo, who plays Seon Woo, said, “The set was incredible. I mean, it felt like I was actually on the moon! It was so immersive that I had no trouble at all staying focused on the acting.”

Sol Kyung Gu portrays Jae Gook, the former director of the space center who desperately tries to rescue him. He stated, “If you watch it on a big screen, you’ll get this incredible sense of what it’s like to be in space—running on the moon surface, soaring through the air, and even swimming in a spacecraft. It’s like experiencing it all firsthand, but from the comfort of your seat.”

The Moon hits theatres on August 2nd.

Credit: CJ ENM

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