‘The Moon’ Unveils Suspenseful Pictures of Do Kyung Soo on Space Mission

the moon do kyungsoo
the moon do kyungsoo
Credit: CJ ENM

The Moon released new pictures featuring Do Kyung Soo.


The Moon is a South Korean film about the intense struggle between Seon Woo (played by Do Kyung Soo), a lone astronaut isolated on the moon due to an accident, and Jae Gook (Sol Kyung Gu), the former director of the space center who desperately tries to rescue him.

The released stills captivate viewers with two contrasting images of astronaut Seon Woo as he embarks on lunar exploration. Played by Do Kyung Soo, Hwang Seon Woo is a graduate of UDT with a major in molecular physics. As the youngest member aboard Korea’s first manned spacecraft named Woori Ho, he sets off for the moon. However, an unexpected solar wind strikes the spacecraft, causing system malfunctions and leaving Seon Woo as the lone survivor in the vast space.

In a life-or-death situation where even survival is uncertain, Seon Woo resolves to venture down to the moon to fulfill his mission. He savors the exhilarating moment of becoming the first Korean astronaut to set foot on the moon. Little does he know that the hardships he will face are just beginning from that point onward.

The film represents the debut collaboration between Do Kyung Soo and director Kim Yong Hwa since their work on “Along with the Gods.” Do Kyung Soo said, “I focused on expressing the fear, dread, and loneliness experienced by Seon Woo while he strands alone in space.”

Director Kim Yong Hwa praised Do Kyung Soo, saying, “Kyung Soo flawlessly delivered the emotional scenes within the confined space, wearing a heavy spacesuit amidst the scorching summer. He deserves tremendous applause.”

The Moon will hit theaters on August 2nd.

Source: CJ ENM

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