First Look at Lee Ha Nee and Park So Dam Starrer ‘Phantom’

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Credit: CJ ENM

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Phantom unveiled the first look pictures of Lee Ha Nee and Park So Dam’s characters.

Set in Gyeongseong in 1933, the upcoming film follows a group of individuals locked in a secluded hotel. Each of them is suspected of being a spy known as the “Phantom,” planted by the independence army to collect intel deep inside the Government-General of Chōsen.

Lee Ha Nee takes on the role of radio intelligence officer Park Cha Kyung working for the Government-General of Chōsen. She witnesses the death of an anti-Japanese spy named Phantom on the day the new governor got almost assassinated. She later falls for Kaito’s (played by Park Hae Soo) scheme and finds herself trapped in a remote hotel.

Lee Ha Nee shared, “Cha Kyung is a character with a deep sadness in her heart. She does not voice emotions and suppresses them instead. I came to think that she was one of the greatest women I have played so far. I enjoyed playing such a versatile character.”

park so dam new movie
Credit: CJ ENM

Park So Dam plays Yuriko, a mysterious Korean girl who became the secretary of the second-in-command Governor-General. The lady in colorful clothes is a strong woman who does not bend easily to anyone’s will. She tries every possible means to return to Gyeongseong rampaging through a fortified hotel. The actress said, “Since Yuriko is an incredibly unpredictable character, I brainstormed a lot to effectively portray the character with many different shades.”

Phantom hits theaters on January 18th.

Source: CJ ENM

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