Lee Sun Kyun’s New Movie ‘Kingmaker’ Unveils Its Poster and Confirms Premiere Date

korean movie Kingmaker
Credit: Megabox Plus M

One of the most-anticipated films, Kingmaker, has announced its premiere date and revealed its first movie poster.

Kingmaker revolves around two politicians – Kim Woon Beom (Sol Kyung Gu) who dreams of changing the world by becoming a president and Seo Chang Dae (Lee Sun Kyun) who works behind the curtain of the vast Korean political machine.

Kingmaker is exec produced by The Merciless director Byun Sung Hyun and his team. In 2017, the director was invited to the 70th Cannes International Film Festival Midnight Screening for his work The Merciless.

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The released poster gives a clear contrast between Kim Woon Beom and Seo Chang Dae using bright light and dramatic shadows. The text reads, “Two men who want to change the world now begins the fierce political battle,” hints at the wild presidential election they are about to face.


Source: Megabox Plus M

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