Was AOA’s Mina Having an Affair with Her Boyfriend While He Was Already in a Relationship?

AOA's Mina
AOA's Mina
Credit: Kwon Mina Instagram

Former AOA member Kwon Mina has been embroiled in a controversy for stealing her boyfriend from his girlfriend. Though she continues to defend herself, public criticisms are still ongoing.

On the 26th, Kwon posted a picture of herself with a man on Instagram, implying that she is in a relationship with someone. At the time, people congratulated her, hoping that she will get better with this relationship.

However, later that same day, allegations of Kwon’s cheating sparked heated controversy. A, who claimed to be the friend of the girlfriend of the man in the picture, wrote a lengthy post. “Kwon Mina contacted the man first, and she knew that he had a girlfriend,” she wrote. “And that man texted sorry to my friend and has been avoiding all her contacts since.”

AOA's Mina
Credit: Kwon Mina Instagram

Soon, the post caused a huge stir online, and Kwon immediately denied the allegations. “I don’t want to be condemned or want my boyfriend to suffer because of this.” she wrote. “My boyfriend messaged me first, and I asked him to draw me a picture. But he already had concerns about his relationship then.”

She continued, “We had so much in common and fell for each other. So I told him that I’d give this a try if he breaks up with her. My boyfriend had a bad relationship with his ex, and his heart was already closed for her. So, I started dating him after he ended things with her.”

Even after Kwon’s explanations, people responded that “meeting a man in a relationship to date is still cheating.” Some even reacted that Kwon’s “victim playing” has got to the point of disgust. However, Kwon has brought up legal actions against malicious comments and false rumors, worsening the situation.


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