“100 Million Views” Stray Kids Say They Will Always Stick to the Basics

Credit: JYP Entertainment

On Sept. 14, Stray Kids released their first full-length repackaged album In Life (IN�”�) and their new title track “Back Door.”

This new album broke the group’s previous best record by surpassing 300,000 pre-orders on Sept. 11, turning the green light on the album’s success early on. As of 11:00 a.m. on Sept. 15 KST, the album topped iTunes Album Charts in 23 regions, including the U.S., Australia, and Singapore.

Stray Kids, who is gaining global popularity with their comeback, has made additional comments through their label and thanked their fans for their enthusiastic support.


Q1. All the recently-released songs from JYP (JYP, ITZY, DAY6) received positive reviews. Didn’t you feel any pressure?

Seungmin: Rather than feeling burdened, we focused on expressing Stray Kids’ unique music color as always!

I.N: I’d be lying if I say there was no pressure, but I am trying to focus on devoting myself to the activities and show great performances!


Q2. If you were to send an invitation to someone new to Stray Kids’ music, what would you like to include?

Han: I’d add our signature phrase, “Stray Kids everywhere all around the world.”

Q3. It looks like you have put in your “spirit of challenge” in the music and concepts.

Lee Know: We want to show you Stray Kids’s color, so we try to come up with our own ideas for every album. I think the members’ tendency of not being afraid of new challenges is also a big part.


Q4. Looking at the titles like “God’s Menu (神Menu),” “Go Live,” and “In Life,” you tend to use ambiguous words as your album titles and song titles. Why?

Bang Chan: Using Chinese characters, we tried to contain various meanings in one sentence. We used these ambiguous words because we thought it would be nice to open up opportunities for people to see content or listen to songs and interpret them in their own ways.

Han: It’s an idea that came up from our hope for people to be more curious about our songs. We thought that they will enjoy these songs more once they understand the true meaning.

Q5. “God’s Menu” MV surpassed 100 million views.

Hyunjin: It felt like I was dreaming.

Felix: I was so grateful to my fans. I thought once again that I should continue to work harder and do better.

Seungmin: I just couldn’t believe it. I thought to myself to always stick to the basics and put more effort.


Q6. Interest in K-pop is hot all over the world. What kind of group do you want to be as “the group representing next-generation K-pop”?

Bang Chan: The title “the group representing next-generation K-pop” is a real honor. I just want to live up to people’s expectations.

Changbin: I want to satisfy the eyes and ears of K-pop fans around the world with Stray Kids’ unique music and performance.


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