Asian Netizens Call Out Robert Downey Jr. and Emma Stone for Alleged Racism

Robert Downey Jr racism
Robert Downey Jr racism
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Emma Stone and Robert Downey Jr. are under fire for their behavior towards Asian presenters at the recent 96th Academy Awards. The ceremony took place on March 11th, 2024 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

Both Stone and Downey Jr. scored big wins, taking home Best Actress for Poor Things and Best Supporting Actor for Oppenheimer, respectively. Stone’s win is her second, following her 2017 award for La La Land, while Downey Jr. finally snagged his first Oscar. Their performances were widely praised, but their conduct towards the presenters sparked outrage.

Robert Downey Jr racism
Credit: Patrick T. Fallon, Getty Images

The issue stems from their interactions with Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan, the previous year’s winners who presented the awards. Stone is accused of snubbing Yeoh, who was standing ready to hand over the Best Actress trophy. Instead, Stone allegedly bypassed Yeoh and had her friend Jennifer Lawrence accept the award. Reports also indicate a lack of proper greeting between Stone and Yeoh after the exchange.

Downey Jr. faces similar criticism for his treatment of Quan, the prior Best Supporting Actor winner. He reportedly received the award without acknowledging Quan, while shaking hands and greeting other past winners present. This alleged selective courtesy has sparked outrage online, with accusations of racism and snubbing trending on social media.

Let’s take a look at what fans are saying:

“Only those who have experienced it will know how frustrating that is.
They’ll say they didn’t mean to and make us the weird ones.
Sometimes, racism against Asians is so subtle that it can be more frustrating than overt discrimination.
It makes victims feel helpless and confused.
How dare they disrespect a legendary actress like Michelle Yeoh!”

“This video shows how rude Emma Stone and Robert Downey Jr. were.”

@woowa0o0’s weet in Korean:

“White people at the Oscars are really out of the line.

  1. RDJ treating people like trophy stands.
  2. Emma Stone treating Michelle Yang as if she’s invisible.
  3. Jennifer Lopez taking the trophy and giving it herself.

You can’t even see Michelle Yang because it’s blocked by Emma Stone.”

“People are upset because of what happened onstage, and it’s not fair to dismiss their feelings just because the person in question acted differently offstage. Ignoring the issue will only make things worse.”

RDJ’s next drama is about Vietnamese boat people, but he completely ignored actual Vietnamese boat people like Ke Huy Quan.”

“Looking back at it, it’s funny how Sally Field grabbed Jennifer Lawrence and stopped her. It really seems like a strange situation.”

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