Park Seo Joon Clears the Air on Recent Controversies at ‘Concrete Utopia’ Greetings

Park Seo Joon controversy
Park Seo Joon controversy
Credit: SBS News

Park Seo Joon opened up regarding the string of controversies that occurred while promoting his upcoming movie Concrete Utopia.

On August 7th, Park took to his official fan cafe to share his feelings. “I’m leaving this message after much consideration in case the events may have hurt some people,” he wrote. “I was flustered and frustrated when I first heard about it. But I thought my fans would be more distressed than me.”

Opening up about what happened on the recent Concrete Utopia stage greeting, where a fan unexpectedly hugged him on stage, Park remarked, “I was caught off-guard and didn’t realize what was happening at first. I turned around, and someone was already hugging me. I smelled alcohol and assumed it was an unintended mistake. Though it was startling, she wasn’t the only one in the theater, so I wanted to finish the event on a good note.” He further appreciated the security staff, saying, “The guards apologized for stepping in as they were caught off guard in the middle of an event. I told them it was alright. I hope everyone else will understand too.”

Another topic that dominated headlines was his refusal to wear a headband a fan prepared for Park Bo Young and him. Offering clarity on this, Park explained, “With all the stage greetings, I sweat a lot. I know fans have preferences for how they like my hair, and that day I decided to style it up because it’s easier to manage sweat. It was heavily sprayed to stay in place, to the extent that it hardly moved. Putting anything on that hair is quite painful.”

The actor continued, “It might sound like an excuse, but as most of you know, I don’t typically shy away from such gestures. Many expressed their discomfort, thinking I made Bo Young hold the headband awkwardly, but I didn’t think it was for me. Since it was a gift for Bo Young, I thought it’d be wrong of me to take it.”

He affirmed his friendship with Park Bo Young: “Bo Young and I are on good terms. We played a couple on-screen; there’s no awkwardness between us. She expressed regret over the incident, but I told her not to worry and to focus on our upcoming commitments.”

In his concluding remarks, a heartfelt Park Seo Joon said, “I’m alright as long as I have you, my fans. With you by my side, nothing scares me. I hope you don’t get hurt by these controversies. I just thought I’d feel better after explaining everything in the open.”


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