‘Concrete Utopia’ First Review: ‘Nothing Short of Mind-blowing’, ‘Engaging Disaster Film’

concrete utopia review
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Concrete Utopia, starring Lee Byung Hun, Park Seo Joon, and Park Bo Young, was revealed at a press event on July 31st. Following Smugglers, The Moon, and Ransomed, this summer blockbuster has already attracted intense interest due to its potential for huge box-office success.

Based on a famous webtoon, the film takes place in Hwanggoong Apartment, the only building left standing in Seoul after a massive earthquake. With a mix of Korean-style black comedy, the movie vividly portrays the struggles of apartment residents to survive. Lee Byung Hun’s outstanding performance, along with the fresh faces of Park Seo Joon and Park Bo Young, captivates the audience.

Now, let’s see what the media reviews say after watching the movie.

MBN STAR: The dystopian world serves as a backdrop for this disaster film, creating a weighty atmosphere that’s hard to shake off. But amidst the seriousness, cleverly placed black comedy pops up, offering unexpected moments of laughter. The film starts with a calm and gentle storyline in the first half. However, the tension escalates dramatically in the second half, with the outstanding performances by the actors, along with characters that feel alive and real. The film skillfully weaves together both tension and harmony, leaving the audience in complete awe.

STAR TODAY: Lee Byung Hun’s performance in this movie was nothing short of mind-blowing. He owned the screen throughout the entire film, portraying a regular middle-aged man who evolves into a charismatic leader, only to descend into madness with his obsession with power. His flawless portrayal crafted a spine-chilling character that left a lasting impact.

YTN: Amidst the intense situation resembling a blazing inferno, the characters draw lines between homeowners and tenants, and it’s like looking in a mirror reflecting modern-day South Korea.Their two-faced stance, justifying anything to survive, isn’t all that different from what we see around us in our own society.

TENASIA: Concrete Utopia is an engaging disaster film with a captivating narrative. We follow ‘ordinary’ individuals, who are neither purely good nor entirely evil, facing extreme circumstances with limited resources. As the plot unfolds, we get to see their true nature through the choices they make in the midst of chaos.

The Asia Business Daily: The movie’s appeal as a disaster film is limited, and some will wonder how it will connect with audiences used to popular overseas content like The Walking Dead. The movie does include scenes where individuals turn against each other and use deception to survive, which might seem familiar from typical disaster films. However, it also brings a distinct Korean flair by exploring unique disaster scenarios and crafting an intriguing dystopian setting in an attempt to differentiate itself from other existing disaster films.

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