Song Joong Ki Opens Up About the Rumors Surrounding His Wife Katy Louise Saunders

song joong ki katy louise saunders
song joong ki katy louise saunders
Credit: GQ Korea

Song Joong Ki sat down for an interview with GQ Korea magazine and discussed the rumors surrounding his wife, Katy Louise Saunders.

He was asked about how he feels about his marriage. “I am just so happy. But I am a little reserved by nature. So it does feel new, but not completely new. I previously said in an interview that the biggest goal in my life is to become a father of a family. So I am very excited, and I am trying to contain myself from getting too excited. I think that is how I have been feeling these days,” he said.

Regarding his wife, the actor said, “If I had to explain what kind of a person she is, I can go on and on talking about how amazing she is. But I guess I cannot tell you all today as we would probably run out of time. To make a long story short, she’s always there to support me. She gives me assurance in what I feel. She would often say, ‘that’s so like you,’ and encourages me to keep going on what I believe is right.”

song joong ki katy louise saunders
Credit: GQ Korea

He also revealed his thoughts about the rumors surrounding Katy. “I did not feel offended at first as it was quite normal to have that happen to us as celebrities and will not change how we feel about each other. But I got mad at some point when those stories continued to pile up. Nothing was really true about Katy but the name of the university she attended,” he stated.

“As my anger grew over time, Katy told me, ‘There’s no need to be angry with these people.’ Though I cannot talk about her in more detail here, she is a person who leads me in a positive direction,” he added.

He also talked about what he was up to after officially announcing his marriage to Katy. He said, “After registering my marriage that day, I attended the event scheduled for my upcoming movie My Name is Loh Kiwan. So I had to have a late dinner with my wife. It was so hectic that day.”

Song Joong Ki recently drew attention as he was spotted departing for Hungary, accompanied by his wife and pet dog, to film his new movie.

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