‘Revenge of Others’ Episodes 1 and 2 Recap: Shin Ye Eun and Lomon Have Their Uncanny Encounter

revenge of others disney plus
revenge of others disney plus
Credit: Disney Plus

The first two episodes of Disney Plus’ original series Revenge of Others shocked viewers with its twist-filled plot and breathtaking development.

Episodes 1 and 2 began with various characters gearing up to take their revenge on their respective enemies. The first episode started off with high school shooter Ok Chan Mi (played by Shin Ye Eun) having an everyday conversation with her twin brother Park Won Seok (Kang Yeol) on the phone. The scene quickly changed to him falling off the school’s science room, shocking many viewers. Flustered and devastated, Chan Mi transfers to his school to figure out the cause of his death.

Chan Mi is then seen meeting Ji Soo Heon (Lomon) for the first time as she purchases Soo Heon’s stolen scooter. Soo Heon works part-time at a bowling alley to pay for his mother’s medical treatment. In the meantime, Seok Jae Beom (Seo Ji Hoon), who lost his memory of the past year due to an accident, returns to school. As he becomes entangled with Chan Mi and Soo Heon, curiosity arises as to how the relationship between the three will develop in the future.

revenge of others disney plus
Credit: Disney Plus

As she digs deeper into her brother’s death, Chan Mi is shocked by the consistent statement of others indicating that her brother was actually an evil person.

Meanwhile, Tae So Yeon (Jung Soo Bin) asks Soo Heon to take revenge on her bully Sa Joong Kyung (Jin Ho Eun) on her behalf. Soo Heon hesitates, but he takes the job to earn money and bring justice to Joong Kyung.

The episode ends with Soo Heon encountering Chan Mi as he was leaving school after getting revenge, raising curiosity about what will happen in episodes 3 and 4.

Source: Disney Plus

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