One Reporter Claims that Kim Seon Ho Is Even Thinking About Giving Up His Career

Kim Seon Ho scandal
Kim Seon Ho scandal
Credit: SALT Entertainment

While Kim Seon Ho’s scandal continues to be the hottest topic, one SBS radio show dealt with it in the recent episode.

On Monday, reporter Kang Kyung Yoon of SBS Entertainment News appeared on one SBS radio show and mentioned the ongoing controversy over Kim Seon Ho.

Kang shared, “Currently, some people are alleging that Kim Seon Ho is manipulating the media. But as far as I know, he’s not responding at all.” He continued, “I heard that this whole situation was such a shock for Kim Seon Ho that he’s even thinking about giving up on everything. That means working in the entertainment business.”


“The strange thing is that the people who are coming forward are not Kim Seon Ho’s friends but his ex-girlfriend A’s friends,” he also added. “Five to six people that are very close to A are sending conversations and text messages between A and Kim Seon Ho to the media outlets. They are claiming that they are feeling sorry for the actor.”

Recently, Dispatch revealed text messages that Kim Seon Ho and his ex-girlfriend A exchanged when they were dating. The dialogues contain information from the day she found out she was pregnant, after abortion, and even their breakup. The media outlet argues that A is the reason they eventually split up, which completely contradicts A’s original claims.

As a result, two companies so far have re-posted the actor’s advertisements. Additionally, Kim Seon Ho was not replaced in the new movie Sad Tropics (literal title), putting a green light on his comeback.


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  • I will be happy if kim seonho can return to 2days 1 night,becos 2days and 1 night is not interesting without kim seonho

    • I like kim seon ho very much . His acting is very good 👍. I was so annoyed when watching 2days 1 nite. They were hiding him. As such , I turned off 2days 1nite

  • Amo o trabalho desse ator!!desejo que tenha sucesso e que nunca desista!! fé em Deus!!

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