Kim Dong Wook from ‘You Are My Spring’ Says He Has a Natural Instinct to Make People Laugh

You Are My Spring Kim Dong Wook
You Are My Spring Kim Dong Wook
Credit: tvN

Kim Dong Wook once again proved that he’s a trustworthy actor by showing a wide range of acting spectrum from romance and comedy to thriller in You Are My Spring. In particular, his heartwarming and sweet romance performance left a deep impression. Showing great chemistry with Seo Hyun Jin, Kim showcased a colorful charm, going back and forth between affectionate romance and comical rom-com.

Kim Dong Wook shared his thoughts about being a part of You Are My Spring.

You Are My Spring Kim Dong Wook
Credit: tvN

Q1. How do you feel about finishing the work?

One more good work made together with good people was added to my list. I’m grateful to be able to work with wonderful people. Also, we all finished strong thanks to all the people who loved and supported You Are My Spring.

Q2. What is Joo Young Do’s biggest charm?

Young Do’s goodwill has one purpose, to heal other’s pain. The charm of Joo Young Do is that he always puts his heart and soul no matter what the situation is and no matter who he’s dealing with.

Q3. Any special part you focused on when playing Joo Young Do?

Since he’s a person who lives an altruistic life who puts others before himself, I tried to listen more to what others were saying when I acted. I got to work with such great actors that Joo Young Do turned out to be even more three-dimensional.

Q4. Your delicate romance performance drew in favorable reviews, but your comedy scenes also received hot responses.

I think I have a natural instinct to make people laugh. Since I am pretty good at using my body, I’m not afraid of pulling out some slapstick moves. I had so much fun filming those scenes, so I’m glad that people also liked it too.

Q5. What was it like working with your co-stars and any memorable episodes?

All of them were such great actors, so every moment we worked together was highly expected and rewarding. The memorable episode is, we played rock-paper-scissors to decide who will buy the snacks, and I never lost once, so I’m very proud of that (laughs).

Q6. How do you want people to remember the drama?

Most of the characters in the drama are the people who dreamt of and wished for ordinary and small happiness. I hope that our work will become an opportunity for people to feel more precious about the small happiness in their daily life and the relationships and memories with people they took for granted.

Q7. You are working nonstop. What makes you work that hard?

For me, every work is a memory and nourishment. What makes me want to act the best I can, and what drives me to do so is my family. I will try my best to greet you with another good work.

Meanwhile, Kim Dong Wook will start filming the new TVING original series The King of Pigs right away.

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