Three Things to Look For In the Remaining Episodes of ‘Doom at Your Service’

tvN’s Doom at Your Service met its turning point and entered the second act. In the last episode, Dong Kyong and Myul Mang started to express their feelings to each other. Furthermore, Myul Mang showed his sincerity toward Dong Kyong by telling her that he could risk his life for her, drawing attention to the upcoming romance.

Here are the things to look for in the second half of the show.


What is the direction of this relationship?

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Although Myul Mang avoided Dong Kyong because he thought he was the reason she became unhappy, he couldn’t resist his growing heart and gave her a sweet hug, making the viewers’ hearts fluttered. Ironically, the term of the contract between them is this: If Dong Kyong, leaving only 100 days to live, does not say ‘The doom of the world’ as her last wish, a person she loves will die. So Myul Mang told her, “Dong Kyong, you can love me. Because I don’t care anything else but you now. So, please choose you and the world”, showing his determination to risk his life. However, his message was not delivered to Dong Kyong. Therefore, attention is drawn to Dong Kyong’s decision and their sad romance as the story unfolds.


Goddess, an interrupter, or a guardian angel?

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Is Goddess a guardian angel or an obstructor between Myul Mang and Dong Kyong? As soon as the two discover how they feel about each other, Goddess summons Myul Mang and tells him, “You want to get love from her, don’t you? What a dream!” with a harsh tone. She added, “A child needs to rebel against his parents to grow. Love becomes bigger with obstacles,” and she showed that she had pushed him to the edge on purpose. In particular, Goddess gave Myul Mang the yellow tulip, which has the meaning of ‘false love,” hope,’ saying, “false hope is also hope, and false love is also love.” What role Goddess would play and what she would want from them is raising curiosity among the audience.


Joo Ik, Hyun Kyu, Gina, what is the direction of this love triangle?

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Hyun Kyu regretted how he ended his first love and showed his desire to be with Gina again. On the other hand, Gina feels confused between Ju Ik, who kissed her when she was waiting for Hyun Kyu, and Hyun Kyu, who was her first love. When she meets Hyun Kyu again, she recalls the memories of him and agonizes over the memory. However, Hyun Kyu doesn’t know that Joo Ik kissed Gina. And Gina also doesn’t know that Joo Ik and Hyun Kyu are close enough to live together. Most of all, in Episode 8, when Joo Ik tries to tell Gina everything, Hyun Kyu suddenly appears, raising questions about how their relationship will shift.


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