‘Time’ Director Jang Joon Ho Asks Kim Jung Hyun to Join His Next Project

Credit: O& Entertainment

Kim Jung Hyun became a hot potato when his “unprofessional” actions while filming Time hit the wire. But it seems like the actor has patched things up as he was offered to star in Time director’s new project.

According to SPOTVNEWS, Kim Jung Hyun kept his promise to apologize to the staff of Time, the TV series he dropped out midway in 2018. And during that process, director Jang Joon Ho asked Kim Jung Hyun to star in his new project.

Since the news about his mischievous actions sparked controversy, the actor issued a personal apology letter. In it, he wrote, “I failed to fulfill my responsibilities both as a main character and a professional actor. I want to apologize without making any excuses.” He then added, “I feel the need to visit and apologize to everyone related to Time, who suffered. Therefore no matter how long it takes, I would like to make a sincere apology and ask your forgiveness.”

Credit: MBC

Rumor has it that Kim, who is being treated for worsening insomnia and depression, actually met or contacted the staff to apologize. In particular, he personally visited director Jang Joon Ho, who is currently preparing for his new upcoming project. He even offered a role to Kim to play once he recovers his health.

On the same note, an industry insider shared, “Contrary to what has been written; director Jang was actually worried about Kim Jung Hyun’s health back in 2018 when he left Time midway.”


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  • Really good to see a positive post in regards to kjh..writing about something that happened years ago to divert peoples attention from being aware that the agency was going under is bad.. poor guy being made scapegoat x

  • I want to see him in a new interesting project! Perhaps a comedy, or a detective. And a good partner)

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