ATEEZ Ready to Show Who They Really Are with ‘I’m The One’

Credit: KQ Entertainment

ATEEZ has returned with their new song “I’m The One,” which is currently burning as hot as a flame.

The group held an online showcase for their newly released sixth mini-album ZERO : FEVER Part.2 on the afternoon of the 2nd. With the title of ‘stage masters’ for their perfect live performances, the group continues to rise with the powerful new album. Hongjoon stated that he is looking forward to it, and would appreciate it if everyone could cheer them on. “It’s been a long time since ATEEZ has come out with a new song, so we’ll make sure to show everyone what kind of team we are with our music and stages,” Seonghwa said, confidently.

The title track “I’m The One” is a song with strong EDM rhythms and trap beat, conveying ATEEZ’s message of escaping the world full of wrongness to burn their own sparks in order to create a true flame. The energetic vocals in the song remind listeners of the group’s passionate journey to the top. Their rapid growth has been proven, especially as pre-orders for ZERO : FEVER Part.2 have risen to more than 350,000 copies, which is 100k more copies than the last album.

Credit: KQ Entertainment

Hongjoong stated that it is nice to have visible results, but he is happy to show the album as a well-made album. “Through this album, I hope we can show you more of ATEEZ’s color. I hope many feel that ‘Yes, this is ATEEZ,’” said he.

On the matter of fans and how the group is unable to meet them due to the pandemic, Seonghwa says that he gets teary whenever thinking about their fans. “I can only say that I miss them and I love them through texts, but I’d be happy to say that I love them in person,” he explained. Wooyoung said that he wants to share his daily life with them. “I want to talk about things like, what we’ve been doing, what food I like these days. I feel like ATINY’s (fandom name) time has stayed frozen from a certain point,” he said.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ released the entirety of ZERO : FEVER Part.2 on the 1st, including the title track “I’m The One.”


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