TOO’s Woonggi Praised for His “Wisest” COVID-19 Related Remarks

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TOO’s Woonggi called a spade a spade as he took a parting shot at students who violated COVID-19 quarantine rules.

On Feb 15, screen captures of a university’s group char room spread like wildfire on social media and online communities. Among them, Woonggi stands out especially.

Under the screen name “Cha Wong Gi/ Acting Major/ 20,” Woonggi wrote, “This is a group chat room for the class of 2021, but I think there are a lot of excessive words and actions that cross the line, and I simply don’t think having a drinking party with nearly 20 people near the entrance gate of Konkuk University isn’t something to brag about.”

Credit: Online Community

Judging from the conversation, it seems like students shared photos of their party and even suggested another meeting/party, and Woonggi took a parting shot at them as the current quarantine rule prohibits more than five people from gathering together.

Subsequent conversations are also eye-catching. When others strongly refuted, saying, “So what are you trying to say?” or “So you’re telling us to be copped up inside?” the idol responded calmly once again, “They aren’t banning a meeting with more than five people for fun. It’s kind of weird to ask people to go for a drink together and suggest a gathering.”

After that, Woonggi left the chat room. But his messages started to spread viral online, raising praises from netizens.

Meanwhile, Woonggi debuted as a member of TOO through Mnet survival show TO BE WORLD KLASS.


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