‘Mr. Queen’ 2-Part Epilogue to be Released on TVING

Credit: tvN

Mr. Queen‘s epilogue “Mr. Queen: The Bamboo Forest” will be unveiled on TVING on Feb 13 and 14.

tvN’s hit-drama Mr. Queen is about the soul of Jang Bong Hwan, a man who lives in present-day Korea, getting trapped in the body of the queen in the Joseon era. Every week, the drama has captivated viewers with the cheerful plot, suspenseful tension, and actors’ flawless performances.


“Mr. Queen: The Bamboo Forest” will be released as a w-part series with a total of 6 episodes. On Feb 13, the first part with three episodes, “Secret Behind Their First Metting,” “Secret Behind Their Match,” and “Woman’s Secret” will be released, while the second part will be released on Feb 14 with three episodes, “Secret Behind My Male Friend,” “Secret Behind the Siblings,” and “Secret Behind the Destruction.” They will be unveiled sequentially via TVING when the main episodes are over around 10:30 KST.

This upcoming content is an epilogue about episodes that were not included in the main episode of Mr. Queen. As it heralded behind-the-scenes stories about the key figures in the palace, including Kim So Yong, Cheoljong, Grand Queen, Kim Jwa Geun, Jo Hwa Jin and Kim Byung In, raising much anticipations.


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  • When can we watch the episode of the epilogue with sub title? So excited to watch it… Kudos to all the cast & crew of the whole production🥰😍😘

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