‘True Beauty’ Apologizes Regarding the ‘No Mask Photo’ Controversy

Credit: tvN

The production team of tvN’s Wed-Thurs drama True Beauty has apologized for the group photo in which staff and cast did not wear masks.

Credit: Instagram / @eunwo.o_c

On the 7th, the production crew apologized saying, “we apologize for causing concern to many people regarding our group photo of the production team.” The photo was to commemorate the end of the drama series.

They continued, “the shoot for True Beauty ended safely as we carried it out under strict preventive protocols. However, the last commemorative photo caused many people to worry. We will do our best to make a safe shooting set, without another moment of carelessness.”

Credit: tvN

The lead actor of True Beauty Cha Eun Woo posted a group photo on his SNS page on the 5th, with a comment saying, “Thank you for your hard work, staff, actors, and everyone on the production team.” However, the staff and the cast included in the group photo were seen to not be wearing masks.

Netizens who saw this quickly came to criticizing their actions as they were not weakening a mask at a time when COVID-19 is still spreading. Hence, the controversy arose. In response, True Beauty acknowledged their own carelessness and apologized for it.

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