Yunho Got Beat Up Trying to Break a Fight on the Street?

Credit: wavve

U-Know Yunho confirmed the rumor that he got “beat up” as he tried to break up a fight between two non-celebrities.

In the recent episode of wavve’s original entertainment show About Time, Yunho appeared as a guest and auctioned off his own time.

Lee Soo Geun brought up a story a netizen wrote that talked about how Yunho was the only one who tried to break up a fight between two people even when he was being battered.

Yunho further explained the situation, saying, “I remember that incident. “The woman looked like she was in her 60s, and the man was in his 40’s. He was trying to lay a hand on the woman, and my own mother immediately came to my mind, so I stepped in and even took a few punches myself to suppress the situation. I even called the police and the incident resolved rather smoothly.”

Kang Ho Dong praised Yunho’s courage, saying, “If Yunho had not intervened and calmed the man down, who knows what might have happened.” Lee Soo Geun jokingly added, “If it was Ho Dong, he would just roll down a window from his car and tell him to stop, and he would stop,” giving a big laugh.

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