Jaejae’s Post about 2020 SBS Gayo Daejeon Started a Heated Debate Online

Credit: Jaejae Instagram

A heated debate started when the Instagram Story Jaejae, the emcee of SBS’s YouTube content “Civilization Express,” posted went viral.

On Dec 25, Jaejae posted two pictures she took of 2020 SBS Gayo Daejeon with a few emoticons on her Instagram story. What caused a stir is the emojis she used on the caption that reads “Great Songs You Listen to in Hiding.”

This is also the feature name in the “Civilization Express” that has gained much popularity. The emojis she used consist of eyes, a nose and a knife, which people say resemble an old Korean saying “one’s nose is cut off as soon as one closes one’s eyes (aka A bird steals bread from beneath the nose of the unwary).”

Some netizens interpreted her post as a complaint about the network for using a feature from her content without letting her know. And probably, the fact that she didn’t win any awards at the SBS Entertainment Awards might have added to her discomfort.

However, her posts sparked a hot debate: one group sided with her and complained about the network’s inconsiderate actions, while the other side stated that she has developed an “overinflated ego” as her content is actually SBS original.

Here are some of the comments: “This girl thinks she is on top of the world with the recent popularity.” “SBS could have at least told her something.” “Girl, you got to meet all those celebrities and upped your value because you were HIRED by SBS.” “‘Great Songs You Listen to in Hiding’ This term existed from way before. It’s not like she magically came up with the words.”

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