Reason Why Sunmi Wanted to Show Off Her Stepdad

Credit: Mnet

Sunmi shed tears of gratitude as she talked about her stepfather.

In the recent episode of Mnet’s Running Girls, members were seen running in Pohang and Gyeongju. While chatting about the day they had, a surprise gift arrived at their hotel: Sunmi’s father. He made a surprise visit to the hotel after hearing that his daughter will be visiting Pohang.

“It’s the first time I’ve introduced my father to my friends since Wonder Girls members,” said Sunmi. “There are times I have to talk about my birth father who passed away when I appear on shows. He doesn’t say it, but I could feel that my father (stepdad) is heartbroken after seeing that. We’re not even related, but he has sent all three of my siblings to college.”

She then confessed, “I have so much to thank for. So I wanted to cheer up my dad. He always brags about his daughter Sunmi, so I also wanted to say ‘Hey, this is my father.’”

Sunmi saw off her father with her arm around his and showed her affection, saying, “You dressed up nicely,” to which he replied, “Isn’t this the color you like?” Sunmi soon added, “Thank you dad,” and her father told her, “I told you not to say thank you,” continuing their sweet father-daughter conversation.

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