Dispatch Reports: Seventeen Was Only a “Standby” for KBS

Credit: Seventeen Twitter

Seventeen shouldn’t have been there. But for KBS, Seventeen was just a “standby.”

Dec 17 was the day of chaos for Seventeen. When Golden Child’s Jaehyun was confirmed with COVID-19, Seventeen rushed to the COVID clinic and got tested as a preemptive measure. The label suspended all schedules. Even the staff got tested for the virus voluntarily and didn’t move until the results came out.

However, KBS thought differently. With “2020 KBS Song Festival” just around the corner, the network summoned Seventeen in the name of “pre-recording.” What KBS asked for completely contradicts health authorities’ guidelines. Except for S.Coups, whose test result hasn’t come out, the remaining 12 members got on the stage for pre-recording. S.Coups was replaced with a dancer.

A health authority official said in a phone call with Dispatch, “Even if one tested negative for the coronavirus, it’s better to self-quarantine. Especially, it’s better to avoid crowded places.”

Credit: KBS

After the rehearsal, Seventeen waited blindly with stage makeup and hair. But S.Coups’s result didn’t come out till the last minute, KBS canceled their appearance. The group had to wait 4 hours before they were “allowed” to go home. Fans who watched this couldn’t hold back their worried minds.

There are also loud voices criticizing KBS for its insensitivity to quarantine rules. Insiders shared, “They ordered us to wear masks only on the red carpet. We couldn’t have them on even during the waiting time.”

Exactly who was this festival for? If they only focus on its “looks,” neither singers, fans, nor netizens will be able to enjoy the event.

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