Jun.K Says “JYP used to be scary, but now he’s an angel.”

Credit: JYP Entertainment

2PM’s Jun.K announced his solo comeback after a long time.

On Dec 9 at 6 p.m. KST, Jun.K will be releasing his 3rd mini-album, 20 Minutes. The title song “Refuse For 30 Minutes” is about a man who feels the end begging for just 20 minutes to express his feelings because 30 minutes is too long and 10 minutes is too short.

Jun.K expressed how he feels about his solo comeback after 3 years through his label.

Credit: JYP Entertainment

Q1. You worked with JYP for the title track.

8 or 9 lyricists submitted their lyrics, but not one was chosen. So after a while, I sent my own lyrics that revolve around the topic of “20 minutes,” and JYP was the first to say it was good. We sat together in the recording studio to coordinate our opinions. It was the first time we worked like that, so it felt a bit strange. Before, he was a bit scary, but this time, he was so generous with an angel’s heart, so I got to work comfortably.


Q2. You wrote the lyrics for the entire album.

I set the theme for all the songs in the album. So I am attached to every single track. Usually, I write the lyrics as I write the songs, but for “Refuse For 30 Minutes,” I received the song from a foreign artist for the first time and clothed it with my lyrics and theme. It was my first time to write lyrics to a song I got from another artist, so it took me a while to grasp the topic.

Q3. Is there any song you want to recommend to someone new to Jun. K’s music?

The Korean version of “Ms. No Time,” which was released as the title track for my Japanese solo album in 2018, is included in the upcoming album. I would recommend this because it’s a song that I tried to express my color the most.

Q4. The key point to watch in the music video.

It will be fun to guess the relationship between the man and a woman in the music video and their relationship with me. You can also pay attention to a sensuous video that paradoxically captures the two sides of love and the thriller element of clock ticking that represents the limited time of “20 minutes.”


Q5. How did 2PM members react?

Junho sent a coffee truck to the music video filming set, and Wooyoung actually visited the site with his both hands heavy with fruit baskets. Such nice kids, no? (laughs)Oh, and Wooyoung briefly appears in the music video, so lock your eyes on the screen!

Credit: JYP Entertainment

Q6. Any memorable moments from filming for “TYHG” with Nichkhun and Wooyoung?

The online special event “TYHG Special Day” held in September was just so touching. Though I didn’t get to meet our fans in person, I could feel the love in every message I got.


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