Even After Irene’s Apology, More Stories About Her Alleged Rudeness Surface + Red Velvet Pulls Out of “2020 K-Culture Festival”

Credit: Marie Claire

Red Velvet’s Irene admitted to being the celebrity mentioned in the fashion editor’s post and wrote a letter of apology. But still, the controversy over her rude actions is most likely to continue as more people started to testify against her.

Earlier on October 20, stylist and fashion editor Kang Kook Hwa posted a lengthy post on her Instagram and exposed a celebrity’s rude actions. She wrote, “I had already prepared myself from all the stories I’ve heard before I met her. But today, I lost my words as this person stung me with her words that are like electric needles … I had to stand still in front of that loathsome face that was hysterically throwing a fit at me.”

Although she didn’t directly mention who the celebrity was, she included two hashtags at the end, “#psycho” and “#monster.” Since then, suspicions have been raised that the person involved in the abuse of power was Irene, and the scandal started to spread like wildfire.

Irene personally stepped up and apologized, saying, “I sincerely apologize for hurting the stylist with my foolish attitude and rash words and actions.” And soon after that, Kang Kook Hwa deleted her post.

Credit: SM Entertainment

But the public reaction is still chilly. Even Red Velvet’s fans rolled up their sleeves to demand her exit from the group, saying, “If Irene continues to act as a member of Red Velvet, it is inevitable that this incident will follow like a tag and damage the group’s image.”

On top of that, more industry’s insider started to testify against the singer. Other staff, especially stylists, who are believed to have worked with Irene, responded to the roaring controversy by saying, “In the end, what we all knew exploded,” or “She has always been like that.”

Even a stylist from China exposed Irene’s alleged rudeness. In her Weibo post, she wrote, “Anyone who has worked with her will know. … I’ve only worked with her for a day, and I already feel sorry for those who have to work with her every day in Korea. She is rude and haughty.”

In the end, Red Velvet decided to pull out of the “2020 K-Culture Festival.” The group has been working as the official ambassadors of the event along with Super Junior K.R.Y. However, with the continued controversy over Irene, SM Entertainment has asked the event organizer to cancel the fan meeting.

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  • Just stop with this please. Just post about all her hair stylist, MUA SINCE DEBUT, n backup dancer all defend n said they never experience her rudeness n always get a gift from her n she even celebrate her birthday. And what they said already known by fan years ago and its FACT. While all the bad thing is rumour. Yall really making money by doing people dirty huh. Yall really judge someone by face n one event? Wow thats sucks.

  • esta pagina publica información que fomenta el odia hacia Irene, cuando en realidad hay videos, he imagenes donde irene cuida de la gente que trabaja con ella.
    es realmente asqueroso saber que hay paginas que pueden fomentar el odia hacia un artista sin saber realmente la verdad historia, ademas que los idols sufren por estas cosas por el simple hecho de poder hablar de sus ideas o por no poder enojarse ya que no los bajan de “seres perfectos” cuando en realidad son humanos con sentimientos.

  • This page publishes information that encourages hatred towards Irene, when in reality there are videos and images where Irene takes care of the people who work with her.
    It is really disgusting to know that there are pages that can promote hatred towards an artist without really knowing the truth of the story, also that idols suffer for these things for the simple fact of being able to talk about their ideas or for not being able to get angry since they do not download them of “perfect beings” when in reality they are human with feelings.
    Sorry for my bad english.

  • Actually no one who ask her to out is her fan. One fan check every acc that ask her out n said all those acc are fake n from other fandom. And until now, no one of her fansite closed or rest bcs of this issue. Plus her many fansite that are rest are open bcs to protect her n sue all people who spread rumours n hate. Some fansite known for sasaeng right? Thats sure some of them meet irene in real life (not official with fan event) n yeah if irene always behave like that there will surely closed their fansite long ago. About the other rumour, when fan ask the detail, they just suddenly dissapear. Why? Bcs thats not true. Other staff that even work with her *since debut said they never had bad experience as the people portray. One event doesnt defined her as a whole. People talking like they saint n perfect. The staff that want appologize from irene not just want that at her first statement she/he want to cancel irene but her/his last statement said she just want an apology only. if just want appology, literally just go to sm for it not internet that full of people will harm you. Literally she want to cancel irene. Keep playing the victim card until the end n never said what he/she really done that cause this issue from the start. Already so fishy from the start. Aleast adress her/his mistake too. But know, another people in this industry will sacred to work with both of them. Revenge is not sweet. Bcs you usually will regret it later after get what you want. N for irene n other people, I hope u will learn from this n not do the same thing again. One mistake can make people forget all other good things from u. Reflect, be humble and behave. If you are having a hard time no matter who are you, stay strong. What she do is wrong. Dont hate her, hate her misbehaviour and support her to be a better person.

  • She us not even beautiful to think off
    Her rudeness doesnt make her a star ohhhh is she a star dont know her and shes a BITCH
    Stop acting as one coz u shes not even popular

    • Hi haters,dont even stalk our idol if you dont know her.her popularity is great than you of course.might be great than your idol too

  • So … There are also too many notes disproving Irene’s alleged information. Do not get carried away by the front page.

  • Maturity is when someone hurt u and u try to understand their situation. Dont hurting them back.

    1st of All. Its clearly irene is not a grown up human being.

    I just wanna say whoever try to defend irene and say sucha “please dont accuse irene. Its not about this. We should know what had happened. There must be a reason why shes gettung angry.” 

    lemme tell u. Define GROW UP. mature human being. getting too emotional and doin VERBAL ABUSE to staff even if its the staffs fault is not a good choice. Its immature. 

    Staffs are human too. Irene is not the only HUMAN here. Cant u put yourself in the staffs the shoes ? The staff cried. Try to understand? Yourself was not even there. U and i are the same, just readers and viewers. The VICTIM just spoke up. Why bother to force people to close their ears about this? This is stupid

    Just bcs staffs always work behind camera and doing all the idols need DOESNT MEAN the idols can do anything they want without thinking. This is stupid and childish. Cmon irene fanatic fans. GROW UP. 

    Theres also the quotes saying ::

    “Being mature person is when u know the fraud but remain to understand and not getting angry over a small or big thing. Solve everything with a calm mind.”

    Stfu whoever doesnt agree with my statement above. If u dont agree with me, u are clearly supporting to bullying staffs in any conditions.  thx.

    • I had the same experience in both sides honestly. I’m also a bit upset with the whole situation. As someone who experienced to be both sides, I want to say that both are actually victim. I’m also one of her fan, what she do is really dissapointing, but what we do as a fan is actually defend her from unnessecery hates such death threats, false rumour etc not defend her wrongdoing. My friend once work as an extra staff when they come to my country. He said Irene beauty is really something, that camera can only capture 20% of it. But what catch his attention more is Irene is so humble. She even help the staff and always say n show how thankful she is despite the language barrier. When this news suddenly appear, it is not just shocking to the fans, but to the staff that work for her too. You can see by how other staff that defend her actually not defend her wrongdoing but shock instead because they never get treated by Irene poorly. Saying she is a bully is like too much. It just one isolated event, its not bully. I’ve also been a bully victim verbally, but in this situation, it is not verbally abuse but it has a potential to be. Yeah I agree that she is immature bcs behave that way, but what with the haters? They are bullying her online too. So what the different? They are worst than Irene. After this issue, it will traumatize both. The stylist will have scars about being scold. Irene will get hates wherever she go or doing. Both also hard to get job after this. About bullying, korea have very high rate issue about bully. This system being normalize to them too long. And it really disgusting. Even in school a teacher even ganging up with the bully. They’ve been teach to bully since school! And about the staff. We always hear this kind of news where big people abuse people lower than them, but you know how many staff in this industry abuse their artist? They make them a princess on camera but abuse their own artist off camera. Such as slap them bcs cover their members thigh. Curse the artist bcs lack of energy. This issue actually have high rates but never being big bcs the staff is not the people with face. Is it fair? Why only call out the artist when they misbehave. Call out the staff too. I just hope no other sulli happens since Irene love her members so much, I believe she will not doing stupid things. N not repeat again this kind of act. Irene already make an appology to the stylist 3 times, and the stylist already accept it. We as a people who are not being there and not knowing full story actually doesnt have any right to say anything. And the real problem already solved tho.
      Sorry I’m not really good in english. It not my first langguage.
      Lastly, being mature is not just watch your action but your words too. You are saying ‘stfu’ in your statement. Hmm it already define you.

    • Maturity is when someone hurt u n u try to understand their situation. Not hurting them back.
      So why the stylist choose to exposed what she had done? The stylist is not mature too. The stylist are hurting irene too. Irene already appologize after that, but the stylist choose to hurt Irene by talking bad about her on internet instead reflect her/his fault too? Its like, hey Ive been a bully victim please bully her too. So it can be fair. Smh. Whats the diff.

  • whatever you say to me Irene is the best leader RV has and I’m not sure that RV fans want Irene out of the group is just a bunch of haters !!!

  • As a fan,i believe no one in Reveluv force Irene out from the group.It doesnt matter what haters said,i believe in Irene.Because of this controversy,Reveluv will stand strong than before.For haters out there,just watch your own idol.I became a fan of Rv,because of their personality,talent.Please stop this accusing just because you jealous of her,come on guys.❤💛💙💚💜

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