A Fashion Editor’s Post Exposing Famous Celebrity’s Verbal Attacks Puts Red Velvet’s Irene and Seulgi Under the Spotlight

Credit: Kang Kook Hwa Instagram

Recently, there has been a commotion in online communities when a post exposing a celebrity’s rude actions was shared. And soon, Red Velvet’s Irene and Seulgi were put under the spotlight.

On October 20, fashion editor Kang Kook Hwa, famous for acting as a visual director for many famous pictorials, posted a lengthy post on her Instagram. Citing the infamous “nut rage incident” by the vice president of Korean Air, she wrote, “Today, I’ve been thoroughly trampled by this one person as I was standing in the position of an underdog.”

“I had already prepared myself from all the stories I’ve heard before I met her. But today, I lost my words as this person stung me with her words that are like electric needles,” she added. “I had to stand still in front of that loathsome face that was hysterically throwing a fit at me. I thought that I have experienced all sorts of people in this field for the past 15 years. And I thought I had experienced everything in life and thought I had let everything go, but I stand corrected.”

She then detailed what she had to go through, saying, “This person skipped the greeting and sat right down across me and started spewing insults at my face as she pointed her finger at me with a phone in her hand. This person was so emotional that you wouldn’t know if she’s talking to everyone in the room or just me.”

Kang Kook Hwa continued, “As the knife from her mouth stabbed me over and over again, only tears rolled down my face. I calmed down and wanted to talk to her person to person like a normal human being. And I wanted an apology. But she was gone.”

She then heralded great social repercussions by stating, “I recorded everything, just in case something else would happen. I used to be a paid editor and a reporter of a media outlet. I’m going to use all my energy and use my brain smartly and cleverly from now on.” And at the end of the post, she included two hashtags, “#psycho” and “#monster.”

As the post heated up the online communities, some started to speculate that the celeb mentioned in the post could be Red Velvet’s Irene or Seulgi based on the hashtags. At the same time, other netizens quickly pointed out that the editor has previously worked with the two and even complimented them on their kindness.

However, later in the day, Kang Kook Hwa deleted her previous posts about Irene and Seulgi, further raising the questions.

Credit: Kang Kook Hwa Instagram

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    • Why manipulating your mind ans saying ITS A LIE even if SM and Irene had admitted it? Yiu cant accept the fact that irene had two faced or something? Geez. How sweet.. You must be her hard fans.

  • 15 years experienced stylist scare of Irene ?Is this a joke ?
    stylist :I had already prepared myself from all the stories I’ve heard before I met her.
    That means this is the first time u meet Irene ?You judge people based on other people stories and meet for the first time ?what a joke this stylist

    • Irene is her client and one of the current IT girls of Korea, so she’s in a position of power. Of course she’d be scared of her. Also, have you not seen videos of how other idols react to her?
      It’s completely reasonable to prepare yourself to handle a person who’s known for being malicious. She didn’t judge Irene. Irene already already proved those rumor true by her behavior.

    • This is not a joke. “I had already prepared”
      Means its already spread the rumour about Irenes bad habit even before media captured it. Why bother to defend her? Are u insane or what? Are u supporting bullying? I dont get it with this person.
      Try to manipulate public with all their had to protect their idol who had disrespect their staff. Geez. Its immature just so u know why i aid irene is immature: should I post it in CAPSLOCK? so u can read and put it in mind forever ? Define mature and define GROW UP WOMAN.

      Maturity is when someone hurt u and u try to understand their situation. Dont hurting them back.

      “Being mature person is when u know the fraud but remain to understand and not getting angry over a small or big thing. Solve everything with a calm mind.”

  • I just wanna say whoever try to defend irene and say sucha “please dont accuse irene. Its not about this. We should know what had happened. There must be a reason why shes getting angry.” “All the staffs who worked with irene defend irene. Those all statements are not true. Irene is kindeharted blablabla”.

    For God sake. Even irene herself admitted it. Why bother to manipulate publiv that she did nothing? Are u protecting BULLIES??? i dont get it.

    lemme tell u. Define GROW UP. mature human being. getting too emotional and doin VERBAL ABUSE to staff even if its the staffs fault is not a good choice. Its immature. 

    Staffs are human too. Irene is not the only HUMAN here. Cant u put yourself in the staffs the shoes ? The staff cried. Try to understand? Yourself was not even there. U and i are the same, just readers and viewers. The VICTIM just spoke up. Why bother to force people to close their ears about this? This is stupid

    Just bcs staffs always work behind camera and doing all the idols need DOESNT MEAN the idols can do anything they want without thinking. This is stupid and childish. Cmon irene fanatic fans. GROW UP. 

    Theres also the quotes saying ::

    “Being mature person is when u know the fraud but remain to understand and not getting angry over a small or big thing. Solve everything with a calm mind.”

    Stfu whoever doesnt agree with my statement above. If u dont agree with me, u are clearly supporting to bullying staffs in any conditions.  thx.

  • Then if you guys said that the stylist is already prepared to face irene because of all the rumors about her being rude, then would irene be prepared too as everyone know that the stylist is already had problems with f(x) and snsd before this? Both have the bad side, do not only judge one person. We don’t know what happened between them.

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