Golden Child Introduces Their New Single Album ‘Pump It Up’

On Oct. 7, Golden Child released their second single album.

Credit: Woollim Entertainment

Pump It Up is an album featuring Golden Child’s fluttering heart as they mark the grand finale of “Find Yourself Trilogy” – WANNABE, Without You, and ONE (Lucid Dream) – and their new start. It includes three songs in total: “Pump It Up,” the title track featuring an exciting beat and a bright and refreshing atmosphere, “That Guy,” a song that expresses deep longing with affectionate lyrics, and “Lean On Me,” a song that presents a warm heart for the lover.

Golden Child expressed their feelings about releasing a new album through their label.


Q1. How do you feel about making a comeback with your new song “Pump It Up” after finishing the “Find Yourself Trilogy”?
Jangjun: It’s like eating spicy tteokbokki and then eating cold ice cream. “Pump It Up” is like a dessert that you never get tired of!

Q2. What kind of song is “Pump It Up”?
Y: It’s a song that I can surely enjoy on stage with the members. When I first heard it, it made me imagine, ‘how should I perform this?’


Q3. You’re back with a refreshing concept. Who’s the member that matches this concept the best?
Jaehyun: I think it’s Donghyun, who looks like the definition of refreshing.


Q4. Is there any point choreography that you would want people to focus on during the “Pump It Up” performance?
Donghyun: There is a movement that expresses the heartbeat with both hands in the chorus, and it would be nice if you could pay attention to that part.


Q5. Any moments you would like to specifically recommend in “Pump It Up”?
Tag: I’d like to recommend it to those who are about to do something pleasant. It captures the excitement of a new beginning!

Credit: Woollim Entertainment

Q6. Any memorable episodes while preparing for the album?
Jibeom: We really worked hard on the group dance scene when we filmed the music video. The most memorable moment is when we all cheered up together whenever we had a hard time.


Q7. What was your focus when writing the rap in “Pump It Up”?
Jangjun: Exphazixing freshness and excitement!
Tag: I wrote lyrics imagining something pleasant.


Q8. What makes Golden Child’s heart beat?
Joochan: Goldenness who fully supports Golden Child, Goldenness who cheers for Golden Child on stage, Goldenness who cheers for Golden Child off stage, Goldenness, whom we wish the happiness for!


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