Ayumi Says She Wants to Clear Up All the Rumors


Amid the keen interest from netizens after appearing on Radio Star, Ayumi expressed her desire to work in Korea.

Ayumi met with Star News and shared her thoughts on appearing on Radio Star and plans for future activities.

When asked how people around her reacted after her appearance on Radio Star, she answered, “I watched the show myself, and I was curious and worried about how it would turn out. After the broadcast, many people contacted me saying that they enjoyed it. It was a relief.”

Ayumi personally explained several episodes related to her, including rumors of plastic surgery, past embarrassing moments during the live show, shaving her head, controversy over disparaging Korea, and rumors of Sugar’s discord.

About candidly confessing her past, she said, “In fact, I was worried before filming. But there were so many rumors surrounding me, I thought I needed to clear them up at least once. I was worried, but thinking that I need to mention in personally, I decided to open up about them.”

She also shared her plans for future activities in Korea. Ayumi, a Korean-Japanese, settled down in Korea earlier this year after wrapping up her life in Japan. After saying that there are still many officials who don’t know about her return, she said, “Now I plan to work in Korea. Since I’ve settled here, I hope many officials find me.”

She then chose reality-variety shows as the entertainment programs she wants to try. “I will really work hard in Korea, thinking that I am a rookie. I hope you come find Ayumi a lot,” she added frankly.


When asked about her career as a singer, she said, “I don’t have any plans as a singer yet. I want to focus on TV appearances.”

Regarding Sugar members, who she mentioned on Radio Star, she said, “Each of them is focusing on their own careers now, so I think it will be hard to get together and appear on a show. But if we get a chance, I think there will come a day when we will all come together. We might not be able to reunite on TV, but we still have good relationships.”

Meanwhile, Choi Haeong Ho, the producer of Radio Star, told Star News that he was impressed by Ayumi’s performances.

“Ayumi has marked a turning point with Radio Star. My stereotypes against Ayumi has completely been shattered. In addition to being honest, her basic sense of humor has blossomed after a long time through Radio Star. She now knows how the broadcasting works, and fully revealed herself in it. I’m looking forward to her next move.”

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