Fans Are Shocked by How Haters React After Getting Sued by IU for Malicious Comments

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Some haters who were sued by IU made people frown with their hostile attitudes.

Recently, IU’s label, EDAM Entertainment, announced legal actions against malicious postings against IU, such as spreading false information, sexual harassment, violation of privacy, and personal attacks.

Since then, some people started to post on online communities that they were contacted by the police regarding IU.

They shared the text they received, and wrote, “This is pissing me off. It’s not like I used bad swear words. I have no idea why she would sue me,” expressing their anger.

Others complained that the community that frequently visited is becoming the main target. Some of them wrote, “They pretend not to see all the filthy comments and selected only a few easy ones to sue,” or “Either we go public or write a petition, we have to respond as a group.”

Credit: Online Communities, Dispatch

There were also some posts saying that they would counterclaim IU for false accusations. “Is there any way for non-celeb people to sue celebs? I want to ask why celebs who try the concept of ‘touching things that should not be touched’ don’t get punished.”

However, people are frowning over their attitudes, saying, “Seriously? If you wrote something hateful, then you wrote hate comments. That’s good enough for anyone to sue,” or “IU, you should take an even harsher moves.”

The day when the outcry against IU poured out was the day when IU’s label announced legal actions against the haters.

EDAM Entertainment stated, “We will not stop here, but continue to collect data and monitor ourselves in the future and take strong action without any agreement or leniency.”

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  • That is a good move from IU’s side. Haters will be haters just because they can hide in the net they will speak ill and bad mouth people. As an individual she will get hurt and will feel bad about the negative comments of course, and its not an excuse to say she chose to be an actress so this gives people to say or comment how they want. Please dont do to others what you dont want others do unto you. Respect people🙌🏽.

  • Bravo for IU!!!! Keep on fighting, don’t let those ugly haters get to you!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • They only know how to spread hate and act as if they are the victims themselves. Crybabies and bullies with Inferiority Complex.

  • Nice. Mostly of the haters are just in korea as far as i know. Because they competition in where they rather want themselves to be the star like duhhh. You ain’t shinning like IU.. SO JUST STAND BACK AND WATCH. #LOVEIU

  • sue them all the way IU, they’re just brave hiding behind their screen. let them show how brave they can be. they should bear the consequences for their doing.

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