Hongbin of VIXX to Temporarily Halt All Future Activities After His Controversial Live Streaming

Hongbin of the K-POP group VIXX, who caused a stir for his drunk live stream, will temporarily suspend his activities.

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His agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, posted a message on VIXX’s official fan cafe on May 1.

“Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment.

We are informing you about Hongbin’s future activities as well as malicious comments and false rumors surrounding our artist VIXX.

Regarding Hongbin’s future activities, we decided to stop Twitch streaming after sufficient consultation with the artist. He will also temporarily suspend his entertainment activities and get ready to say hello to his fans again.

Also, we are constantly monitoring communities for postings with false rumors, sexual harassment, slander, and defamation regarding our artist VIXX, and are in the process of working with a legal representative to take actions against such contents.

We will respond strictly and forcefully against all those who write anything that could damage the reputation of our artists.

Thank you for loving and supporting VIXX. We will do our best to protect the rights and interests of the artists.

Thank you.”

Earlier on March 1, Hongbin was embroiled in a controversy after making inappropriate remarks about other idol groups during his live streaming under the influence of alcohol and committing rash acts such as finger-cursing to viewers.

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