Traffickers – A vicious crime thriller like you’ve never seen before

Inspired by the true events of a Korean newlywed couple being kidnapped for their organs on a ferry in 2009, <Traffickers> is a movie about the victims and crimes of an underground organ trafficking ring targeting travelers on ferries between Korea and China. 

The movie kicks off with a young couple Sang-Ho (Choi Daniel) and Chae-hee (Jung Ji-yoon) excitedly boarding a China-bound ferry for their vacation. After leaving his wife for a few moments, Sang-ho discovers that his wife has disappeared without a trace from the ferry, almost as if she was never to have gotten on board to begin with. Meanwhile Young-kyu (Im Chang-jung) the head of the organ trafficking operation is given an offer he cannot refuse as a last job before leaving this line of work, only to discover that his target is Chae-hee, putting him in a moral dilemma throughout the film. 

<Traffickers> is a wake-up call for shocking crimes committed under the radar of the general public and vividly captures the horrors of organized long-term organ trafficking operations that exist in reality between Korea and China. The film also shines through the performance of renowned actors captivating the audience throughout all the moments of tension. If you are looking for an immersive and realistic crime thriller filled with references to real-life happenings <Traffickers> is the perfect movie for you to see this weekend.

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