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    Why Did AKMU’s Chanhyuk Unfollow His Sister Suhyun On Instagram?

    Previously, AKMU’s Chanhyuk made headlines after he unfollowed his sister (and the second half of AKMU) Suhyun on Instagram. In a recent interview with the two, Lee Chanhyuk revealed exactly why he unfollowed Suhyun and what their reactions were to the news stories: “I didn’t know it would become such a big issue. I did […] More

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    BLACKPINK’s Jennie Holds On To The Top Spot On The November Brand Reputation Rankings

    BLACKPINK’s Jennie held on to her #1 spot on this month’s girl group idol brand reputation rankings. What do these rankings mean? The Korean Business Research Institute analyzes idols’ media coverage, consumer participation, online interaction, and more in a span of time. Points in different categories add up to a total, which represents an idol’s […] More

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    ATEEZ Mingi To Go On Temporary Hiatus Due To Anxiety

    ATEEZ’s Mingi is temporarily taking a break from all activities. Below is the full statement from KQ Entertainment: “Hello, this is KQ Entertainment. We have some unfortunate news to share about the health of ATEEZ’s Mingi. Recently, Mingi had begun to experience psychological anxiety, which he had never experienced before. He discussed his symptoms with […] More

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    Ailee Looks Stunning In A Wedding Dress! But Why Is She Wearing It?

    Earlier today, Ailee posted pictures of her wearing a gorgeous wedding dress and shared a surprising news to her fans. On her Instagram, she wrote, “First of all.. I know this may be a shock to all my loving and caring fans who always believed in me and trusted in me.. I’ve been wanting to share […] More

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    Will IZ*ONE’s Kang Hyewon Debut In A New Girl Group Next Year?

    Boy group OnlyOneOf’s agency RSVP will its name to “8D Entertainment” and embark on a fresh new start. RSVP, which changed its name to 8D Entertainment, is an entertainment label that currently managed boy group OnlyOneOf. The company has expanded its business by scouting talented artists with lots of potentials, producing albums, and organizing music […] More

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    Netizens Unearth Surprising Pre-Debut Stories and Old Photos Of aespa’s Winter

    In the midst of rookie girl group aespa’s debut, netizens have been discussing member Winter’s personality among themselves Earlier in the week, various sources from online communities posted Winter’s pre-debut pictures and students from her old school shared different stories about her. One user, who claimed to have gone to Winter’s middle school, said, “she’s […] More

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